| News | New Opening in Aso, Minami-Okokuni! Introduction of the co-working space "Making the Future MOG" to nurture the future.

Hello! It is Koji of SMO south small country editor in chief!

New facilities will be born in Aso and Minamioguni-cho on May 30th tomorrow!

The name isMOG (Mog)\ (^ ^) /! ! !

What kind of facilities do you ask? .
But it's also handy, and you'll definitely want to use it once you've read it.

Then we will introduce you soon!

■ What is MOG (Mog)?

About base to bring up challenge to make the future of southern small country! It's abstract and it's difficult to understand, but to put it very simply,Where to share the office environmentYou read it right!

By the way, MOG (Mog) of the facility name wrote the south small country in romajiMINAMIOGIt is named from "UNI" (* ^ ^ *)

What kind of facility is it? How can I use it? I will tell you about that kind of MOG!

■ How to use MOG

There are 4 patterns for how to use MOG!

① Temporary use plan
② Monthly membership plan
③ Conference room rental plan
④Corporate registration plan

Free to use! I will explain how to use ① to ④.

① Temporary use plan

I just want to work! I would like to take a break for a while ... I am perfect for you!
If you can stop by during business hours, anyone can use it anytime.

① Temporary use plan details
Membership registration / unnecessary
Reserved / Not required
Usage fee / 300 yen per hour * + 100 yen / hour after the second hour

② Monthly membership plan

I want an environment where I can concentrate. Recommended for those considering long-term use, such as studying for qualification and preparing to challenge something!

This monthly membership plan has three membership systems that you can choose according to your usage frequency.

1. Regular member
(3,000 yen per month / Available time: 9:00 to 17:00 on weekdays)

2. Premium members
(1 month 8,000 yen / available time: 9:00 to 22:00 * including weekends and holidays)

3. With premium member fixed seat
(15,000 yen per month / Available time: 9:00 to 22:00 * including weekends and holidays)

Member registration is as follows.
1. Tell MOG staff that you want to become a member
2. Application acceptance
3. Later interview with MOG staff
4). Registration

4 steps! Now you can use the facility whenever you like!

③ Conference room rental plan

Ideal for small group meetings! Recommended for gatherings of mom friends and small meetings!

③ Conference room plan details
Membership registration / unnecessary
Presence / Necessary / Necessary (Please tell MOG staff in advance the date and time you want)
Capacity / Up to 6 people
Usage fee / XNUMX yen per hour * After the XNUMXth hour +XNUMX yen @ XNUMX hour (maximum XNUMX yen per day)
Facilities / Projector (300 yen per time), Whiteboard, Monitor (23 inches), Speaker

④Corporate registration plan

Recommended for those who want to register with a MOG address only for corporate registration, or want mail delivered to a different address from their home or office!

④ Corporate registration plan details
Membership registration / Not required (* Interview before use)
Reserved / Not required
Usage fee / 3,000 yen per month

In addition, please use it after completing the procedure at the reception for all use of ① ~ ④.

How to use MOG is really every person.

Reading a book on the sofa-

Do a little bit of internet,

We talk with person who met there,

A kitchen with a three-piece stove and a large sink,

It is also possible to rent a space between the soil and hold an event \ (^^) /

It opens with the thought that various “meetings” and “challenges” should be born here.

Please feel free to drop by anyone, whether inside or outside the town

(* All prices listed include tax)

■ Conclusion

Are you aware of MOG's collection?

Finally, the staff members gave comments!

Hello everyone! Creating a future base MOG is not limited to your work, but you want to challenge new things, want to exchange ideas, etc. Anyone can use it freely.

Also, I want to do something but I am lost ... and I want to do something like this using MOG! Let's talk with us while drinking tea, etc. (* ^^ *) We welcome children from singles! Please feel free to come to any mom generation or elderly person ♪

And since MOG is just born, I hope to grow with you. If you have any questions, please contact MOG staff anytime. We look forward to welcoming everyone.

What convenient facilities did you have in the South Minor Country? . My appearance rate is likely to be very high! ! Lol

By the way, the terms of service may change little by little after having people use it from now on and having them hear opinions etc.

We will work to be a facility that can be used freely by many people, so please check the MOG's Facebook account at any time for the latest information.
(Search with "Facebook account" Making future MOG "!)

Please feel free to use MOG by all means \ (^ ^) /

▼ Click here for details on the future-building business!