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Souvenir shop with hot spring, lunch and activities. Notice of Sanai Rest House Renewal OPEN!

Hello! It is Koji of SMO south small country editor in chief!

Suddenly, do you all know where Minamioguni-cho is in Kumamoto? It is located on the prefectural border between Oita Prefecture and Kumamoto Prefecture, and this bordering area is a green area surrounded by greenery.

The altitude is high among XOXXm and Minami-Okuni-cho, and the air is clear and I feel cool every time I enter the shade even in summer!

And it was chosen as one of Japan's 100 prestigious roads linking Aso to Yufuin.Yamanami Highway"I'm going through this area of ​​this set too, and there should be a lot of people who have come to tour or drive.

When you enter the Seto book area, a large red roof building stands out. . That is the biggest drive-in along the Yamanami Highway.San-ai Rest House"!

If you look only at the building, it looks like a roadside station, but it is different. In fact, you may not spend 1 days happily just by being here? It's a place full of fun! !

Such three love rest house is the first in 7 several years today on XNUM X month X XRenewal store opened! And various facilities are born in the past year so that you can be satisfied by visitor coming!

We introduce the collection of such ever-evolving three love rest house together.
Please read it by all means!

■ Evolution 1 Store

First of all, the shop located on the 1 floor, which was reopened today! Souvenirs of neighboring prefectures are also stocked mainly on souvenirs of Kumamoto, and more than 1,000 souvenirs are listed!

There is a shop like this before the renewal ...

The interior is so clean!

We lower shelf and make it easy to see what kind of product there is and are easy to do shopping ♪

By the way, a convenience store that used to be outside of the rest house is also inside the facility, and a little shopping is convenient!

In addition, we established a tourist information sales corner of Minami-Okokuchi-cho on the same floor as the store!

Here, from gluten-free rice flour pancake mix made with rice, which is a special product of Minami-Okokuchi Town, dried shiitake mushroom and Maiko, from a product that has an easy-to-return as a souvenir

Fresh vegetables corner full of baskets which were picked up in southern small country are substantial!

There are many tourist information brochures, so please take a look!


Because it is a book area in the area surrounded by the great nature! ! Click here to experience it!

It may be a bit confusing if you look only at the exterior, but it's here that you can see it when you get inside the building!

eh? ! bicycle? ! I think some people thought that. But it is worthwhile to come here to experience.

For example, it is not easy to run through beautiful nature in everyday life. If you go cycling in the area of ​​Seno, such scenery and ...

Such a scenery that you can see the cows grazing unique to Aso ...!

You can meet extraordinary scenery and make special memories that can only be obtained here \ (^ ^) /

Having said that, if you don't go with the style and equipment you need to ride a bike properly, right? ! ... Worry is useless! If you come in easy-to-wear clothes, you will be able to rent a proper helmet and bicycle, so you can leave immediately ♪

And there are bicycles for not only adults but also for small children, and kids trailers that can be attached to the back of the bicycle without a tension burst, so you can enjoy cycling with your family.

In addition, as we have bicycles of brands (TREK, cannondale, GIANT) that are famous and reliable in the world here, it is also recommended for those who want to enjoy cycling in earnest!

... By the way, I think some people like me who have not been riding a bicycle for more than 1 years. . Such people also have the strongest friend, the "electric bicycle"! You can climb the slopes while singing verses, so come in peace!

The price list to be worried about is here!

There is no mention here, but rental is possible from 1 hours! In addition, the staff will teach you the recommended course according to the rental time, so it is certain that anyone can enjoy it (* ^ ^ *)

I would like to enjoy it on a cycling tour with a sightseeing guide! It is recommended that you make a reservation in advance. In addition, it is also possible to apply for a tour on the spot if a reservation has not been made on the day! (Please note that pre-ordering takes precedence.)

Make memories that can only be done here, please try it by all means!

▼ The details of the cycling tour are here

■ Evolution 3 Kushitani Cafe

Kyushu's first landing at an 4 store across the country in this year's XNUM month! It is also a high-quality cafe for bikers run by a motorcycle storeKushitani Cafe"There is a branch in Sanai Rest House!

Aso is also famous as a sacred place for motorbikes, but among them, the Yamanami Highway gets the 1 ranking in the superb scenic road ranking chosen by bikers in the whole country! Therefore, the shop is always crowded with bikers.

Here you can find a rich, but refreshing after-dinner cafe latte with Aso milk,

Your local hot dog etc.

You can eat a menu with a sense of locality.

You can also take photos of those that seem to be socializing SNS ~ \ (^ ^) /

of course! Even if you are a biker, feel free to come and relax as it is a space where you can relax.

▼ The details of Kushitani cafe are this