To a cool water source in the hot summer! We also introduce the surrounding aisaki beef lunch spot together. 5 famous water spots in the Aso area.

Hello. It is Molinaga of SMO south small country. It's almost time 7 month. The summer production is approaching soon.

In the Aso area where I live, the summer is the blue sky and the dark green grassy landscape spreading, the season is generally "darker" season. And for some reason I want to eat corn and meat.

Such summer, after all I want to feel "cool" of nature.

So this time we will introduce you as "famous water spot" in Aso area. Because it is impeccable, we will also introduce the shop recommended for beef lunch of a famous water spot.
Incidentally, there are things called Kumamoto Kazushi about, and about 30 Aso areas are chosen.

One hundred Kumamoto Minami selected


Sanbanzan Village · Ikeyama Water Source

Speaking of water resources in Aso province is here! It is the Ikeyama water source of Sanzani village.
It is also famous for being the top spot in the "Waters of Japan - Kamimizu ranking in Japan as cool as you can choose!" There is a footbath (water?) That can put water on spring water, there is a boardwalk, there are unmanned sales of vegetables, you can touch spring water, buy souvenirs.

The water that springs from the bottom is 13 to 14 degrees, 30 tons per minute. It's hard to realize, but the standard pool in elementary school seems to be about 12m wide x 25m long x 1.2m deep, so it is 360 tons. If the amount of spring water at Ikeyama Water Source is 12, the pool will fill up. After calculating, it became difficult to understand the actual feeling, but isn't it anyway?

If you go to Sanbayama village you are sure to drop in on a private night · farmer restaurant mountain village. It is a place around 4 minutes by car from Ikeyama water source.

You can taste the local cuisine of Akayama village and Aka beef which all the family raised at home ranch.

Ikeyama water source
Kamamoto prefecture Aso Gunsan village Tajiri 14-1
Phone: 0967-25-2211

Homestay · Farmer Restaurant Mountain no Sato
Address: Tajiri village village Aso gun, Kumamoto prefecture 202
Phone: 0967-25-2253
Opening hours: 11 hours to 19 hours (closed 21 hours)
Closed: Wednesday
Price: BBQ set meal 2,800 yen, roast steak set meal 5,400 yen etc.
home page:

Minami-Ooguni-cho · Tateiwa Water Source

Speaking of the water source of Minamioguni-machi near Kurokawa Onsen, this is Coco. The water source of 13 ~ 14 degrees is a water source that springs 380 tons a day throughout the year. The water from Tateiwa Water Source is said to be “super soft water”, and many people come to draw water because rice can be cooked deliciously. By the way, the water from Tateiwa Water Source has a hardness of 26. The natural water of Mt.Fuji is 29, the water of the Southern Alps is 30, and the water of Kobe Rokko is 32. * Generally, it is said that soft water is less than 100 hardness.

The surroundings of the water scoop are maintained as parks, and children can play with their feet on. There is a promenade which is about 2 kilometers walking along the clear stream and Tateiwa settlement, so walking walks are also recommended.

Also on Saturdays and Sundays, we can enjoy somen sinks using spring water in plastic houses. Somen is also delicious as the water is delicious!

If you eat beef, bukkake! Aso # Aka Beef

Minamioguni-machi Tourist AssociationPosted by (@minamioguni) –

I do not mind sorry but after all meat! Recommended for those who like it is Kinpokan in Oguni Town in the neighboring town. I can taste the red beef steak.

Tateiwa Water Source Park
Address: Kanamoto Prefecture Aso County Minamioguni-machi Misatoji Tateiwa
Phone: 0967-42-1444 (Minamioguni-cho Tourist Association)

Address: 371-1 Kitasato Oguni Town, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture
Phone: 0967-46-5560
Business hours: Weekday 11 hours ~ 15 hours, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 11 hours ~ 16 hours
Closed holiday: Every Tuesday (in the case of a holiday, next day)
Price: Ramen 550 yen, lamp steak set meal 250g2,800 yen etc.

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