Get off the car and get an overwhelming view in one hour! Okay even for beginners! The recommendation of Mt.

Hello. It is Molinaga of SMO south small country. The average number of steps per day is 3000 steps. It is about the age called middle age. I have to walk for good health .... I was thinking that.

At that time, I was invitedMt. Kirishima trek!

I'm sorry or impossible. I was thinking, but I overcame my job and joined. result. I am pleased to introduce you. Even beginners are safe!

By the way, Mt. Enoshima is one of Aso Gozan. It is this.

There is also a thing called the first trekking this time, and you will be guided by "Geo Guide" and climb. We gather at the volcano museum and leave. By the way, it is a volcano museum that I was not interested at all when I was a child, but when I came to adults, it was a wonderful museum where intellectual curiosity was filled with satisfaction and I could feel the loneliness of Aso again.

It is the geoguide Mr. Yano who guided me.

The moment I left the volcano museum, I gave you an overview of the whole of Aso. I did not know! ! The knowledge is deep enough to cause fire and it becomes jealous at the moment of departure.

The way to Mt. Kirishima is from this path at the back of the Volcano Museum Parking Lot. It is okay if it is a walkable shoe because it is paved.

It's already starting to climb and it's already about 15 minutes.

I do not feel tired so much because the guide walks while talking about the history of Aso area, the history of volcanic activity, and the culture by it.

I started climbing and I saw it from about XNUM minutes. I didn't usually notice, but it looks like a face when I see 30 water pools and small hills from above.

It looks like this looking back on the other side. I can feel the caldera.

And climb the stairs that are about 800 steps to the top. You can see the mountains from about the same height as the Nakadake crater.

It was full of uncles, but I was overwhelmed by the view.

It is difficult to understand in the photo, but you can see Kusachiri and Nakadake together.

And Mt. Kirishima is still a long way from the top! You can walk around the crater wall of Mt. Kirishima (There are places where there is a risk of sliding down, so please be careful when going)

This is also difficult to understand in the photo, but it is the place where the crater of Mt. There are places where there is no grass, and there was an eruption from there long ago. Volcano Great! It was a trek that continued to be considered.

in conclusion

This time, it was a trek that I participated in with a really light feeling, but it was good to climb from the bottom of my heart! It seemed like an experience.

That such a wonderful scenic view is in the place of 1 time place on foot .... Aso was thought to be a really nice place.

see you!