[Full guide] summer gourmet 2019 of Aso, south small country! We introduce from SNS shine gourmet to meat-related stamina, cool sweet of fashionable cafe at a time!

Hello! It is Koji of SMO south small country editor in chief!

In August, summer is finally here! The summer is coming every year, but this year is especially hot! (I feel like saying every year ...)

In such a hot summer, you have to eat delicious food and get over it!

This is a must-see for those who plan to go out! As we introduce various summer gourmets in Aso and Minamioguni, please find your favorite gourmet ♡

■ Summer gourmet in Minamioguni

▼ First installment: Curry feature!
→ Speaking of summer, curry! Minamioguni curry is basically “royal curry”, but it is different from just curry. !