[Minami Oguni Camp] Green as far as you can see. Recommended for campers who want to enjoy nature as it is! Introduction to Chayahara Campground.

Hello! It is Koji of SMO south small country editor in chief!

Goats are a little weak. .

Now! Minamioguni camp of the popular series! The second bulletChayahara Campsite!
Located in the corner of Aso Kuju National Park, it is a campsite where you can feel nature with your skin as far as you can see.

And, following the first installment, comedy Hiroshi came to solo camp!

Hiroshi Camp x ASO [Part 1]

Hiroshi Camp x ASO [Part 2]

Recommended for campers who really want to enjoy nature as it is! Introducing Arecore at Chayahara Campground!

■ Click here for reception

This building in the back right after entering the parking lot is the reception management building. There is no notation such as "reception" in particular.

We will process at this counter!

On the other side of the counter there are various camping tools and nice accessories!

I forgot to bring it! Gas and batteries have run out! In that case, you can buy it here.

There were charcoal, white gasoline and rental tents! Go to the reception if you need help! When the procedure is complete, go to the camping site!

Please watch this before ...! ! ! The campsite here has the best view from the parking lot. In the back is Aso Gotake.

If the timing is good, you can also see Unkai with Aso Gotake!

Now, after enjoying the scenery, the next departure to the camp site!

■ Camp site

You can see the entrance of the camp site by leaving the reception management building and driving to the left. A yellow drum can is a landmark.

I will continue to go straight down the road. Unusual atmosphere surrounded by greenery.

There is a signage on the fork, so you can rest assured.

Camp sites of various sizes. Everywhere is covered with trees, really THE nature! ! !

It's just wide. All area cars can be entered, and direct fire is OK!

“Road leading to the river” in the corner of the campsite. I'm really excited.

Proceed about 50 meters ...

Get to the river! The river is calm and shallow. The water is very cool and very pleasant!

By the way, there is a bungalow in the area opposite the free site!

■ Equipment

In the back of the bungalow area is a large cooking building!

There was also a kitchen! A slightly larger pot is convenient to use here!

There are also 4 places where water can be used freely.

There are 3 places for restrooms! This kind of place,

With this kind of hand-washing, it's gender-specific!

There is a garbage station at the entrance to the campsite.

Please put it properly.

By the way, there is a vending machine at the entrance of the parking lot.

■ Conclusion

Chayahara Campground is natural, natural and natural no matter where you look at it.

There are no showers or hot spring facilities, so you want to take a bath! For those who would like, we recommend visiting Kurokawa Onsen and Oda Onsen near the campsite (* ^^ *)

Forget about the daily hustle and bustle, and enjoy camping in the great outdoors!

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