[Complete preservation version] Save money! A complete array of meals from meals without meals. Introduction of 8 private accommodation facilities in Aso and Minamioguni. (There is a reservation window)

Hello! It is Koji of SMO south small country editor in chief!

I've heard it often over the last few yearsPrivate residenceDo you know what a private residence is in the first place?

■ What is a private residence?
So-called private accommodation is to rent a detached house or apartment room and provide accommodation services to travelers and business travelers. For borrowers (guests), there are merits such as "you can stay cheaply" and "you can experience local life that cannot be tasted at hotels". For borrowers (hosts), "you can make effective use of vacant rooms and houses", "travel around the world Have the advantage of being able to interact with other people. (Quotation: Government Public Relations Online)

I see ...The lender can lend an empty room,Borrowers can stay cheaper than regular inns and hotelsIt's a private accommodation that has a mutual benefit! !

Even here in MinamioguniPrivate residence"Allows accommodation and farming experiences together"Farmer stayThere are a lot of facilities that do, but there is not much information on the Internet, and it is only attractive facilities, but I can not know the details!

Watakushi Koji-chan has been interviewing all 8 private lodging facilities (as of 2019 in 11 month) belonging to Minamioguni-machi Tourism Association!

In addition to the details of the facility, there is also a link to a page where you can make a reservation request for a private accommodation experience to the facility you care about! Please check it out \ (^^) /

■ Mango canship boat

Built over 150 years! The storehouse has been refurbished since the Edo period, and has a farmer's residence and restaurant.

There are 3 types of rooms. Rooms are allocated according to the number of people.

This room is for 3 to 4 names.

The salon can accommodate up to 8 people.

The restaurant is on the 1 floor of the storehouse. You can choose a plan with meals here.

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[Without meals]https://minamioguni.jp/archives/activity/177611
[One night breakfast]https://minamioguni.jp/archives/activity/177681
[1 night 2 meals]https://minamioguni.jp/archives/activity/177711

■ Ebisu

The only private accommodation facility in the Akababa area. Because it is located in the center of Minamioguni-machi, it has good access to drug stores and convenience stores.

There is a room to stay in the main building. The ceiling is high and spacious.

Up to 5 people can stay.

It is also possible to partition the room with two spaces.

Also, here you can experience the dumpling making experience with your stay. (Separate fee will be charged)

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[Without meals]https://minamioguni.jp/archives/activity/176371

■ Tree Levy

The only private accommodation facility in the Shirakawa area. Up to 4 names can be accommodated.

A house using cedar trees, which has been chosen as an international forest certification house. Because the ceiling is high and there is no feeling of pressure, the space is very spacious.

If you have a wood-burning stove in the southern small country, it will be safe!

There is an independent washbasin and toilet in front of the room.

Spacious balconies offer mountain views and unspoilt nature.

In addition, you can also experience wild grass guides and wild grass cooking experiences with your stay here. (Separate fee will be charged)

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[Without meals]https://minamioguni.jp/archives/activity/177391

■ Guest House Furusato

The only private accommodation facility in the Oda Onsen area. Up to 4 people can stay.

Facility renovated in 2019. The room where you can feel the warmth of wood is the 2 room.

The ceiling is high and spacious.

There is also a common room on the 1 floor.

There are also an independent washbasin and toilet.

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[Without meals]https://minamioguni.jp/archives/activity/177821

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