[Minami Oguni Camp] Safe on rainy and snowy days! Enjoy camping, bungalows and private stays! Introduction of Yoshihara Gombe Village.

Hello! It is Koji of SMO south small country editor in chief!

The fourth Minamioguni Camp is "Yoshiwara Gonbe village"Introduction!"

This campground, taking advantage of the terrain unique to Minamioguni, has a lot of things like this and other campgrounds!

This is the only place where you can enjoy camping on a rainy or snowy day while enjoying nature! ···Huh? Can you camp in the rain or snow? ! Please read through to the end if you think!

■ The way to Gombe Village

A convenience store called “Y Shop” is located on the way to Kurokawa Onsen on the national highway 442. Immediately after passing there, there is a three-way intersection with a signal, so turn right there.

Continue along the road until you reach the Oda Onsen area. When you see the building with the sign “Oyado Yumenoyu”, turn right again at the Y-shaped intersection!

There is also a signboard for Yoshihara Gombe Village next to the big signboard.

The only place between the signboard and going to Gombe Village is “Oyado Ryo Higurashi”! A little more when you see this sign!

If you go through the road like this ...

A signboard found in Gombe Village! ! Turn right on this road!

The entrance is properly written, so don't miss it!

The number of turns from the national highway is only 3 times! MoreoverTurn all right! It's easy to remember \ (^^) /

■ Click here for reception

This is the entrance to Yoshihara Gombe Village!

The administration building is on the right-hand side of the entrance. If there is no manager, please contact the telephone number on the reception desk!

Here is a map of Gombe Village. How wide it is ...2.5 hectares! There is also a soccer court 3 half! Anyway, it ’s wide! ! !

And since it is built using the slope of the mountain, the altitude is different from 690 to 750 meters even in the same campsite! (It looks like a terraced field in the mountains!)

You'll be excited just by looking at the map ~ ♪ Once you've received the reception, go to the camp site! !

■ Gonbee Dome (Dome Site)

As mentioned above, Gonbee Village is a campsite that uses slopes, so it is reasonably structured to keep a private space!

And I'm sure there are many people who are interested in seeing the photos. . That house-like building ...

That's right! This is a camp site unique to Gombe Village! that name as well"Gobebe Dome"! ! !

Rest on rainy days as you can set up a tent! The snow can be warmed with a wood-burning stove, so the inside of the dome is warm! Whether it rains or falls, it's great to enjoy camping anytime! ! !

The inside of the dome looks like this and is spacious ~ ♪

And since the wood chips are sown over the entire surface, you won't hurt if you sit around or sit down!

This is a strong ally on cold days, wood stove! It is installed in every dome and you can always get warm ♡

Some domes have electricity! (8 to 11 only)

And there are places where water supply is installed! (8 to 11 only)

Even if you book a regular camp site and the weather suddenly becomes bad, you can transfer it if the dome site is available! Please consult with the manager (* ^^ *)

■ Bungalow

This is the largest “pheasant” room in the bungalows in the 3 building!

The 1 floor is really spacious! And when you climb the ladder on the left ...

There is a loft on the 2 floor! I returned to my childhood in an instant! I want to play cards or UNO here! Lol

The remaining 2 building will be a loftless bungalow! Even camp beginners feel secure ♪

And in Gombe Village, you can rent BBQ sets (net / yakidai), blankets, and futons, so it's nice to be able to stay anytime if you bring the ingredients!

■ Minilog Village

It doesn't have to be as big as a bungalow, but it's a nice place to sleep when you sleep.

Please refer toMinilog! There are 1 room type and 2 room type.

This is 2 room type! Log and log are connected on the edge. By the way, you can also do BBQ in the U-shaped recessed space on the edge side \ (^^) /

The size of the mini-log is about 2 tatami! Too much space to sleep! There are windows so you can ventilate well ♪

If you come with a large number of people, you can even rent out all the minilog villages! It is a private space for one village ... It ’s like a dream! !

■ Event open space-sunrise site

This is the event square!
This is used for camping events.

This is the sunrise site! Asahi is the first site, and the view is outstanding!

There is also a water supply here for each site.

This is Kusanping Plaza! Currently it is used only at the event, but it seems that it is adjusted so that you can stay overnight ♪

Many free sites have good views and are surrounded by trees, where you can feel nature with your skin!

■ Equipment

Click here for facilities at Gombe Village!
The cooking building right next to the administration building! Lots of big sinks and spacious space!

Fortunately, there is a shower! ! !

There are 2 spaces where showers and Goemon baths are combined. If you can collect Goemon bath, you will be charged separately! (1 set 500 yen)

There is a restroom near the center of Gombe Village!

Reliable because there are water supply in various parts of the free site ♪

And you can see cute ponies in Gombe Village! The children who were usually on the pony ranch were in the “Pony Room” on the day I visited.

A cute animal with enough facilities to camp and delighted children. This alone is full of charm, but Gombe Village is still attractive.

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