| Event notifications | Enjoy the side dishes that go well with rice and rice in the rice fields after harvest. US Fes2019 will be held on 11 month 2 day!

Hello! For breakfast, Keiji is the chief editor of Arasar who replaces rice!

The rice balls made by my mother since childhood are always oversized. I really love rice so much that I thought I would become Kiyoshi Yamashita in the future!

The rice, which is always next to you, is not conspicuous, and it plays a supporting role to make side dishes and soups more delicious. .

However! This time like thatRice is the protagonistWhat is it! Rice ,,, No, Mr. Rice, Noyou, Let's eat delicious rice with everyone \ (^^) /

■ What kind of rice is rice in South Korea?

First of all, introduce rice from Minamioguni.

Minamioguni-machi is located on the border of Kumamoto Prefecture and Oita Prefecture, and is located at elevations from 430m to 945m on Aso Gaien and Kuju Mountains. It is a pure rural village blessed with water and greenery, with two large and small rivers flowing through the mountains as the source of the Chikugo River.
In addition, because it is a mountainous area, there are many small farmers. Farmers have their own tastes and commitments, so there are slight differences in the same variety.

The rice grows sweet and glutinous rice with a high temperature difference between day and night. The snow-melting water in the mountains not only provides the amount of water needed to make rice, but also contains a lot of minerals, enriching the rice fields, and producing delicious rice in Minamioguni-machi (* ^^ *)

It was 5 years ago that Morinaga, also a curator of SMO Minamikosukoku, thought "I would like to eat such rice! And, if you want to eat together rice made by farmers and pickles that best suits rice you made! Rice started from such thought Fes.

Morinaga, who loves rice, and my favorite entertainer, I'm looking forward to the most in the year.

This yearAdvance reservation limited 150 peopleYou can join us! By all means please make an early reservation.

▼▼ Click here for reservations ▼▼

About US Fes2019

The event is very simple. You pay an entrance fee, choose a bowl to serve rice, get a tray made of Oguni cedar, go to a booth for each farmer, and eat and compare various rice.
I want you to eat a lot of delicious rice! If you have a favorite rice, I would like to buy it directly from farmers! I have that feeling.

Minamioguni-cho rice craftsmen will gather together this year, such as Aigamo farming method, dried rice, pesticide-free rice and milky queen!

It's not easy to ask farmers directly what kind of rice they are.

The rice you have to walk directly will feel better than usual ♡

Producers are also excited because they can see the faces that make customers happy.

Of course you will not forget! Best of Rice Companion “pickles”! Local moms and their homemade pickles are just right!

And side dishes to eat rice are also indispensable. We are preparing beef and chicken this year!

If the weather is fine, you can eat rice in the rice fields after harvesting.

Popular every year! Enjoyable for children and adultsShimeji experience"!

Everyone was making it crazy and was brought home happily! Look forward to this year!

This will be the 6 timeUS Fes2019]. I hope that both repeaters and nice to meet you will be able to make your event like Minamioguni-cho rice.

I am waiting for your participation from the bottom of my heart! !

■ Event Details

200 name only! As it is an advance reservation system, please proceed as soon as possible from the link below (* ^^ *)

■ Application closed due to full space ■

Name: Rice Fes 2019
Date: 2019 month 11 month 2 day (Saturday) from 11 hour to 2 hour
Fee: Adult 2,000 yen / Elementary and junior high school students 800 yen / Free for elementary school students and younger
Organizer: Council for recurrence of Namihara
Cooperation: Wave Ihara Farming Improvement Association, Wave Irahara Youth Assembly, Minami Ogikita Town Office, Minamioguni Town Tourism Association

Wave of Iinohara gymnasium and Hino Mr. Hino next to gymnasium
Address: Minamioguni-machi, Aso County Kumamoto Prefecture Minomitsuji 8632