In the fall, go to “Asa, the sacred place for motorcycles”! Lots of events! Introducing ASO Bike Month.

Hello. This is Morinaga from SMO Minami Oguni. Do you ride motorcycles? I moved on a motorcycle until I moved to Minamioguni-machi, but I lost my motorcycle in the cold of winter. The Aso area is famous for its wonderful touring courses where you can run while feeling the temperature changes as you pass through the valley.

First, please take a look at this.

I want a lot of people to run the spectacular view of Aso. I want to make Aso a sacred place for motorcycles! That's why this initiative started with the cooperation of various people since last year. This year, we hope that you can enjoy the best touring season by packing a bike event as ASO Bike Month from 10 month to 11 month.

By the way, motorcycle magazine BikeJIN has also taken up the Aso region greatly, and Aso Panorama Line, Milk Road, Yamanami Highway etc. are ranked in the superb view ranking, so if you are interested, this is definitely a book I hope you can also purchase.

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About events held at ASO Bike Month

During the ASO Bike Month period from October 5th to November 4th, bike events will be held at various locations in the Aso region. If you are a motorcycle enthusiast or not, please drop in by all means.

October 12: Honda Motorcycle Homecomig (Otsucho Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Kumamoto Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)


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__ Honda Motorcycle Homecoming I went ~.All Honda motorcycles were born in Kumamoto, so I went to the factory tour.It's a long impression. – The first one was a ridiculous autumn day.The milk road and Daikanbo are the best.I love Kumamoto and Aso. The second piece, in the middle of a factory tour. 1 Suzuka 2 resistant specification CBR2014RR Kumamon edition.I'm hiding in my arms, but the emblem is Kumamon.The green cap was a must for visitors, not my hobby.Because my face was so happy that it broke down too much. The third piece, Yume-senpai came to the event at the next HSR!This senior Kurume is not a 4R but a Konica spec of Rokudabo, that is, he is riding the same motorcycle as me, so I feel a sense of intimacy ✌︎ – I enjoyed the factory tour and the event ~!As usual, it was a mess, but I enjoyed it very much, as the older brothers who were witnessed lost and did not know run together, and the people at the factory talked very friendly. Ta ~. – When I saw the running of a high school girl professional rider at HSR, the player said, "Because you are a girl, please do not leave motor sports."No, I won't leave, because it's not so wonderful!I thought again.The bike is good.By the way, if I was born a man, my name would be Soichiro, and of course it was from Soichiro Honda.Was it inevitable to ride a Honda? – #HondaMotorcycleHomecoming # cbr600rr #honda #bikers #bikersofinstagram #sportsbikespectrum #Touring #Aso #Daikanbo #Landscape with a motorcycle

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Kumamoto Factory employees and customers will be welcomed to prepare for various events such as factory tours, test rides, famous car displays, and talk shows that are not yet open to public!

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October 19th: 10 month 19 day: APPEAL RIDE in Sanbumura (Ubuyama Ranch)
Held at the same time as the flea market and the music life “Ubuyama Prairie Festival” We welcomed Rumiko Hirayama to MC, and prepared a stage where you can publicize your babies. A talk show by YouTuber will also be held.

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APPEAL RIDE in Sanbumura

November 2: BikeJIN Festival @ Kumamoto / HSR Kyushu

In addition to the standard contents of the BikeJIN festival, Kumamoto will be held, such as a new car test drive event in which domestic and foreign motorcycle makers participate, an outlet sale where super bargain items are lined up by wear & parts makers, a stage event by Mon-chan, Machito, and luxurious guests. We prepare unique surprises every time. * Admission fee of 500 yen will be charged from this year.

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11 month 3 day: PEACE RIDE
A popular annual bikini PEACE RIDE. This year, the event of the BIKE magazine RIDE will be held at the same time.

Furthermore! Harley-Davidson's new model exhibition and test-ride event will be held at the milk farm in Nishihara-mura, near the Peslide venue, Asperta!

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You can only enjoy the BikeJIN collaboration menu this fall!

During the period until the end of November, the “BikeJIN collaboration menu” supervised by Emi Tamon is being offered at the 4 stores in Aso (Sansuitei, Hanagou, Ameya, Hibari Grill)! If you order a collaboration menu, you can get a BikeJIN sticker!

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Held simultaneously! Aso Unkai Photo Contest is also ongoing

From October to November, the best season of the sea of ​​clouds! That's why we are also running the Unkai Photo Contest.

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