[Latest version] New in this winter! An exquisite winter gourmet 2019 from Aso and Minamioguni, where you can enjoy the taste of the season!

■ Senomoto Rest House

The red roof is a landmark! The biggest drive-in along the Yamanami Highway that connects Kumamoto and Oita. Cafes, gas stations, convenience stores and more!

The 1 floor handles more than 1,000 souvenirs, so many souvenir shops that are always crowded with tourists!

Meals are on the 2 floor! The floor is divided between regular meals and buffets!

★ Senomoto volcano steak (2,580 yen, tax included)
The meat is unbearable! 250 gram steak is excellent for eating! ! It is also a nice point to be able to eat with your favorite tastes such as original sauce, salt and lemon. Feel the mood with fireworks inspired by volcanoes! Come on your birthday! !

【Basic information】
Name: Senomoto Rest House
Address: Minamioguni-machi, Aso-gun Minomitsuji 5621-7
Telephone number: 0967-44-0011
Business hours: 11 am to 3 pm 30 minutes (OS)
Closed: 12 month to 3 month are closed

■ Soba Restaurant Kishoan

There is a source of the Chikugo River, and soba is famous for Minami-Oguni-machi. There are 6 soba noodle shops in the “Soba-kaido” area, and the shop surrounded by greenery is here!

Scenery unique to shops along the river. The view from the inside of the store will also make your meal time even better.

★ Although it is a soba restaurant, authentic spice chicken curry (800 yen, tax included)
Chicken curry using 10 kinds of spices such as minamioguni chili. Because it does not use flour, the refreshing feeling is stronger. Shi! Or! Shi! Since it is quite spicy, it will be served after eating soba. . If you like spicy foods, please try it!

【Basic information】
Store name: Soba restaurant Kishoan
Address: Akasagi Minamioguni-machi Red Baba 2908
Telephone number: 0967-42-0408
Hours: 10 am to 4

■ Fukuichi Ramen Oguni Store

Located along National Highway 212, good access! A shop that is easy to enter and always crowded with locals and tourists.

Atmosphere of traditional ramen shop inside! I love handwritten pop here.

Because there is also a seat here, small children and groups are OK!

★ Sour soup noodles / Sunratanmen (900 yen, tax included)
This winter new menu warms up from the core of your body! A dish that combines soup made from Hokkaido with a soup blended with white vinegar and black vinegar with chicken base. Plenty of vegetables that are in the form of a pleasant sour and anchovy!

【Basic information】
Store name: Fukuichi Ramen Oguni store
Address: Akasagi Minamioguni-machi Red Baba 1652
Telephone number: 0967-42-1199
Business hours: AM 11-PM 7 minutes 30 minutes
Closed: Wednesday

■ General Product Center Kiyora Casa

Located in the center of the town, it is a general product building in Minamioguni Town that has a pyramid shape and stands out!

We have a wide selection of fresh vegetables, local specialties and souvenirs from Kumamoto.

A small bowl of hand-made side dishes made with plenty of local vegetables is popular! Restaurant in the hotel!

★ "Aso meat sauce" Yakiniku bowl (1,000 yen, tax included)
Only on weekends! ! ! Yakiniku bowl using Aso meat sauce for all meat lovers! A slightly sweet meat sauce based on soy sauce made from local Aso tomatoes and local onions made by a local soy sauce shop in Oguni! Along with meat, it goes well with rice! ! ! There will be 3 small bowls of daily dishes as well ♡

【Basic information】
Store name: General product building Kiyora Kasa
Address: Kumamoto Prefecture Aso County Minamioguni-machi Red Baba 1789-1
Telephone number: 0967-42-1213
Business hours: AM 11-PM 3
Closed: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and every 3 Wednesday of every month

■ Conclusion

How was the exquisite winter gourmet 2019 in Minamioguni? ? !

I'm more hungry than last year, and just looking at the photos makes me hungry ... just like that!

By all means! In the cold winter, let's eat delicious winter gourmet from Minamioguni and get over \ (^^) / ♡

We look forward to welcoming you.

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