New open in the center of Aso / Kurokawa Onsen town!Introducing the fashionable cafe "cafe & rest HoKaRi" that welcomes even a cup of coffee.

Hello! It is Koji of SMO south small country editor in chief!

This time, a cafe opens on Shimokawabata-dori, which is also the center of Kurokawa Onsen area. ! !
What“It looks like Kurokawa Onsen, but not like it”I heard that it was an atmosphere cafe and went there immediately!

Introducing cafe access, menus supervised by Michelin Guide listings, and surprisingly amazing before and after.

If you read this, you will definitely want to go! Please read it!

■ Cafe & rest HoKaRi

The shop is marked by this red curtain! Hmm? Is the shop name Shiratamakko Sweet Chaya? ! ! I guess there is a cafe on this second floor (* ^^ *)

Enter from the entrance of Shiratamakko Sweet Chaya, and after about 10 steps, the entrance of the cafe will be on the left hand side!

As you go up these stairs ...

A cute signboard of the shop will welcome you!

It is a "Western" atmosphere that is completely different from the first floor ♡

There are two types: table seats and counter seats.

From the counter seats, you can overlook the Kurokawa Onsen photo spot "Maru Suzubashi".

Whether you are a single person or a group, you can relax in a relaxing space.

This time, I noticed while shooting. The hand that releases the shutter does not stop. Anyway, all the interiors are cute ...

I can't help with this coffee cup.

The downlights at the counter seats are all different. It was a key point.

It's fashionable in the kitchen. .

The dried flower that was next to the signboard is something I want to bring home.

Everything is cute, but not persistent, cozy and cozy. wonderful.

And café enthusiast Watashi. I've never been to a cafe with cute toiletries that wasn't delicious. So this cafe is definitely! What was my expectation ♡

Then immediately! I have a recommended menu! Introduction is on the next page 紹 介 (^^) /

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