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| Information | Winter lanterns gently light up at night.

Hello! It is Koji of SMO south small country editor in chief!

It is fascinated by the beautiful light and it is rising. (Lol)

Why did you soak in the hot spring until you could lift it? At this time, "Yukari" has become a winter feature in Minamioguni. this year too12/21 (Sat)From here, lighting starts in various places in the town\ (^^) /

I hope that you will be able to take wonderful pictures while enjoying the hot spring water and the hot spring lights that color the town.

■ What is Yukari?

In the Kurokawa Onsen area of ​​Minamioguni-cho, the hot spring water is celebrating its eighth year.

A wonderful event that utilizes thinning bamboo as one of the landscape activities, utilizing nature without fail to produce beautiful scenery.

All the people in the area do the installation to the light bulbs and rivers, including the handmade "Bamboo lantern", and all attract the viewers with gentle lights.

Last year, mainly in Kurokawa Onsen, the Otaniyama area, the Oda Onsen area, and the Manganji area, we changed the taste for each area and performed hot water lighting. You.
* Work at Minamioguni Town Office

Along with that, a very large number of people applied for last year.Awara Hotaru Photo ContestWe will also hold this year \ (^^) /! ! !

By all means,A special pieceIf you win the prize, we will also offer luxury goods such as accommodation vouchers, so please join us!

Outline of Photo Contest

How to post to Instagram
① Follow the photo contest account (Please check the account from the link below)
② Hash tag for photo contest applicationAkari Yu Akari 2019Posting images with attached

Application period
2019 year 12 month 21 day to 2020 year 2 month 29 day
(* Yukari itself is held until the end of March)

■ Notes on entry
· Please be sure to post pictures taken by yourself, or photos with copyright.
· If you see a person in the photo, please get permission before posting.
· The copyright, moral rights and portrait rights of the submitted works belong to the Minamioguni-machi Tourist Association and may be used free of charge as PR of this site or Minamioguni Town.
· Photographs taken outside the recruitment period can also be submitted.
· Do not shoot in the no-entry area.
· Photographs taken in the no-entry area will be excluded from the awards.

Result announcement
Scheduled for late March 2020.
· After the application period is over, we will decide the winner after strict judgment.
・ A total of seven winners will be selected, one winner for each area and one winner for each area.
· Because I will contact you using Instagram's direct message function, please be sure to follow the official account.
・ If you do not give your consent within one week after contacting us, you will not be eligible for the award.
· After winning, when the illegalities etc. of the winner are discovered, the right may be lost.

■ About the product
★ 1st Prize: Can be used in Minamioguni TownAccommodation ticket worth 5 yen! ! ! !
★ 6 Excellence Awards: 5,000 yen assorted specialty products from Minamioguni-machi! ! !

■ Sponsorship and support
Organizer: Minamioguni Town Tourism Association
Supported by: Aso Community Promotion Design Center
※ We carry out photo contest utilizing Aso area spirit regeneration support project.

■ Introduction of winning works of last year

We will introduce some of the nice works that won the prize last year!

★ Excellence Award:Hello @ hirochanman5963,

One shot taken with the familiar "Kawayu" in Japan's most embarrassing hot spring in the Manganji Onsen area. You will be healed by the light of the steam that is rising and the light of the warm lantern.

★ Excellence Award:Dear @neo_landscape_jp,

A picture taken at dusk in the Harakawa River in the Kurokawa Onsen area. I lost my eye in a moment for a fantastic color.

★ Excellence Award:Dear @ back_number,

One piece from the place which went to the back slightly along the river from Maru Suzu Bridge and communal baths in the Kurokawa Onsen area. The warm light of the inn, the light of the light lantern, and the reflected light reflected on the surface of the water make it a warm feeling that you can not say anything.

★ Excellence Award:Mr. dai_photogenie

A photo taken at Tanokawa in the Kurokawa Onsen area. Almost as beautiful as the sight we saw, the beautiful moment is taken, and it is such a wonderful picture that you can see in the light of the lantern.

★ Excellence Award:Mr. @ aanonon

A photo taken at Maru Suzubashi in the Kurokawa Onsen area. The voice "Wow, beautiful!" Seems to be heard even now, there is a sense of exhilaration somewhere, it is a back view that the fun of watching the light is transmitted.

★ Best Prize:Hello @ hirochanman5963,

A photo taken at Tanokawa in the Kurokawa Onsen area. The beauty of the ryokan, lantern lanterns, and mountain streams all complement each other, and they most convey the unspoiled landscape of the hot water.

Congratulations to all the winners! And thank you for posting a nice photo.

Even with the same hot water light, you will see a variety of different faces, so come on and enjoy our favorite "Only for yourself Akari lightPlease find (* ^^ *)!

■ To the end

Even just looking at the hot water healing spirit. I'd like you to remember it by all means, but if you do not mind leaving it as a record, I would be pleased if you could apply for that one.

If you have any questions about the photo contest, please contact the Tourism Association of Minamioguni-cho at any time!
(Minamioguni Town Tourism Association contact: 0967-42-1444)

Entry from everyone, I am waiting from the bottom of my heart! !

【Detailed information】
■ Duration
From December 2019, 12 to March 21, 2020 (Lighting time: Scheduled from 3:31 pm to 5:30 pm)

■ Holding Area
Kurokawa Onsen (onsen town), Otani area (in Gondola Sharolet), Tanohara Onsen (planned for Tanohara River), Oda Onsen (around Shokusai Nakamura), Shirakawa Onsen (around Kasho-an), Manganji Onsen (Near the communal bath) ・ Minamioguni Town Office