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[Video Introduction] Open for a limited time! Unexplored presence of Aso and Minamioguni. Introducing the "Mazeno Valley" where you can fully enjoy nature.

Hello! It is a chubby idol (self-proclaimed) Kaji-chan in Minamioguni-machi! !

In this greeting, this costume is ... yes!ア レyou know!ア レ!!!

It's good to know what you're doing!It's time! ! ! !
(Remember this trick, I will do it every time. Lol)

The second one we have been waiting for!
This time, it is open twice a year for a limited time and is also a secret place in Minamioguni town.Mazeno ValleyI went to!

Ah ... just looking at the pictures, it's beautiful enough to sigh ...! ! ! Just a superb view.

It is a spot that represents more than 1 people during the opening period (about one month) of the autumn leaves, and is a representative autumn leaf spot in Minamioguni!

of course! It's not just going there. We have heard the scenery of various places that attracts people (with drone images!), The history up to the opening, and the thoughts of the people who manage the valley.

And tsu! ! ! This time, we wish you more video views,Such things and...such a thing… We are challenging! ! !

(Even if you mosaic, you can't hide it ... lol)

By all means! Please see till the end \ (^^) /

■ Video introduction

You can watch the video from here (* ^^ *)!

■ About the Mazeno Valley

Located in the Nakahara area of ​​Minamioguni-machiMazeno ValleyIs open twice a year for a limited time during the autumn leaves and fresh green seasons.

There are small bridges in the valley and paths that are surrounded by trees.

All signboards in some places are also handwritten, all are cute ♡

This is one of the highlights! Mazeno Falls! ! !

The fresh green season shows a completely different face.

Mr. Kurokawa of the Mazeno Makino Association was interviewed this time. He told me many things about the old Mazeno valley!

What kind of content is it ... this time,I'm pretty excited.
And not only Max, Watashi Kaji-chan is also taking off. (eh

Please see by all means (^^) /!

▼ The first: Video of Shimojo Mushroom Garden from here