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Good luck trip here! XNUMX Power Spots to Stop By in Kumamoto / Aso

Hello. This is Morinaga from SMO Minamioguni. The photo has nothing to do with the text, but it is Australia.

By the way, do you like power spots? I like it, I do not hate it, I feel so flat. But, if you go on a trip for a long time, you want to drop in at the power spot of the land.

What is power spot?
"Power spot" which passed the boom any longer and became one of the genres indispensable for travel has been featured frequently in media and magazines. It seems that the fact that the number of people who are interested in the invisible world called power spot has increased from the material-centered era until then to the era of treating heart and spirit . A good spiritual power spot will give you the opportunity to rediscover yourself to the people you visit and the way that life goes in a good direction. ※ quoted from All about

There are many such power spots in the Aso area! So, I would like to introduce the power spots in the Aso area for the beginning of the year.

The shininess can not stop! Kamenami Kumanoja Shrine (Takamori Town)

I am very sorry I introduced you in a random order, but I personally saw that Coco was really impressed. It is a rock called "Motto rock". It appears when you climb a steep slope from the approach road, but a big hole in the rock is empty, you can see the other side. It seems that my heart is washed just by hitting the wind blowing from the other side through the rock as the wind blows. There is a legend saying, "Kenbutsu Ryuu no karen ogre 8 killer kicked off" and there seems to be a benefit that "any difficulties can be broken" from that, and various "prayers" and "prosperous business" etc. People who have difficulties will visit, they will touch the wind hole.

This is the sight of when I looked down at the approach road from the precincts. The atmosphere surrounded by stone lanterns and trees over the 100 group, even I who felt no power spot at all felt bisubishi.

I am on the way to the approach road. It is incredibly quiet whether trees are absorbing the sound though it is not that far from the road.

About the middle of the approach. "Ah, you can not think about secular things from here." It is a heavy feeling which seems to be natural.

When climbing the approach path and visiting the shrine, climb the road on the left and go to "Hito Rock". There are quite a few stone steps to the shrine, and my heart seems to break slightly, but I definitely want to climb it.

Ueumumi Kumanoja Shrine is also the stage of Yuki Midorikawa's movie "To Honda noodle shop" famous for cartoon animation "Natsume Yujincho Book". Going after watching a movie, the impression is also one lesson!

Kamonomi Kamonosato Shrine
Address: Kamamoto Prefecture Aso County Takamori Town Kamiami 2619
Contact: 0967-62-1111

By the way, Speaking of Takamori is Takamori Dengaku. Because of the cold winter, it is recommended to enjoy charcoal grilling slowly in the hearth.


360 degree Panoramic view scenery is also impressed! Okito stone hill (Minamioguni-machi)

Panoramic view of this meadow! Aside from the power spot, just watching this scenery makes me feel like forgetting my daily disgust.

It is 10 minutes to walk on the path made to the meadow. On the top of a small hill there are more than 300 large and small stones.

So this is the Okito stone hill. It seems that there are also 5.5 meters high, 15.3 meters around. Why is this stone on such a mountain? Although there is a doubt, there is a straight line connecting from Mt. Masaki Taisha of Fukuoka Prefecture to Watakamakidake of Oita prefecture from the altar stone in Okito stone hill, and is also located at a position which can be tied with Takachiho Shrine of Mt. Aso and Miyazaki prefecture by a straight line. And since there are Jinshan megalithite groups in sunlight and Gifu prefecture that intersect at right angles with those straight lines, because it is exactly overlapping with the direction of the sunrise of the summer solstice, it seems that it is the way of God made by the people of the Jomon period It seems to be said that. When I told you so, it was awesome, and I thought of ancient times how how I brought such a big stone to here.

Anyway, it is healed by the scenery of the meadow, the sky, and a big stone.

Since you can lend a compass near the entrance of the parking lot, please try approaching the Kudomito stone. I turn around the kurukuru.

By the way, Oshido Stone Hill is also popular as the first sunrise spot. Every year, January 1st is the first sunrise meeting, so there is something like pork juice, so it seems that we can start a wonderful new year.

Okito stone hill
Address: Nakahara Minamioguni-machi, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture
Phone number: 0967-42-1444 (Minamioguni-cho Tourist Association)

By the way, Speaking of Minamioguni-machi, where Oshido Stone Hill is located, is soba. I have eaten New Year's Soba! Please go to the Soba Highway by all means.


I won the lottery? Tour of three companies in Fukunami (Oguni Town)

In Oguni-machi, things such as zelkova water source, small country two shrines, tour of three companies in Fukumaga going around Kiraga Pond are carried out. I got a leaflet at Kodama sake shop, and by going around the spot of 3 places, I got a "bunko" on the way home and left home. I am pleased if you can read the article because it is detailed.

One part of the tour of three companies in Fukuna, Zelkova source.

And small country two shrines. It is splendid.

So, it is Kagamike pond.

Both the 3 part and the 3 part are the distance feeling that is just about to walk around, so when you go to the Oguni region by all means, please take a stroll around the shopping area and go around XNUMX places.

Tour of three companies in Fukunami (Kodama liquor store)
Address: Miyahara Oguni-machi, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture 1685
Telephone number: 0967-46-2003


Yoshimi Shrine of Kusabe Yamami Shrine (Takamori Town), one of Japan's three largest palaces

Shinto shrine venerable in Aso cultivation that enshrines the 12th god such as Kenbu Ryuu (Takei watts Nomikoto).

By the way, this shrine seems to be one of "Japan's three biggest palaces". The other two seem to be unusual shrines that there is a main shrine in front of the stairs, at "Uto Jingu Shrine (Miyazaki prefecture Nichinan City)", "Shosetsu Shrine (Tomioka city, Gunma)".

Since Japanese shrines have close connection with faith in the mountains, it is common that many of the shrines in the mountains climb mountains and become the precincts of the structure to rise. It seems that it will come to be made even on plains and the like as the times go a little.

Kusabe Yoshimi Shrine

Address: 2175 Kosabu Takamori-machi, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture
Phone: 0967-64-0355


National shrine (Aso city)

National architectural shrine in Ichinomiya, Aso City. In the era of Shinto emperor (in the 3 rd century BC), it is said that the fast bottle ball has been appointed as Aso National Monument (govern the land), and the name of the shrine seems to come from this thing.

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I feel that my heart is being washed somehow when walking straight on the approaching path.

And one thing I would like to see is Osugi of Tino. It seems that the national natural treasures have been undesignated due to the damage of the typhoon, but it seems that it is somehow inspired by the thickness of the cedars of the age of 2000 years. It's amazing to say that 2000 years are getting older. It is 239 years that Himiko sent a message to Wei, so I feel impressed if you think that there were cedars here for quite some time.

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Although it has already ended this year, the "Oda Festival" held at Aso Shrine, Kokubun Shrine catches a glimpse of the tradition and culture of ancient times and the appearance of Aso who keeps appreciation for nature It is a wonderful festival that I can do.

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