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Broadcasting on Kumamoto Asahi Broadcasting (KAB)! Power spot of Minamioguni-cho was introduced in Kuma Power J "Pin Town!"

Hello! It is Koji of SMO south small country editor in chief!

This look! And that Kashiyama is also ...

That's right! Kumamoto Asahi Broadcasting Kuma Power J, one of the corners of the town “Pin! Point”, which had a great response after broadcasting last year, also reported on Minamioguni-cho this year \ (^^) /

This time, we have summarized each spot information introduced on January 2020, 1 broadcast! Please refer to it and enjoy a trip to Aso and Minamioguni.

■ Okito stone hill

"Oshido Stone Hill" is a group of megalithic stones in the corner of a vast hectare of 12 hectares in the Nakahara area of ​​Minamiogunimachi.

A 360-degree panorama with a panoramic view of the mountains from Aso to Oita! It became famous as a power spot by word of mouth, and is now one of the leading tourist spots in Minamioguni, which attracts 20,000 people a year!

When you climb such a hill, the first one is "Scissors" where two large and small stones line up. It is a stone with the legend that "liar is sandwiched".

Does Kashiyama and I lie, or is the body shape a problem? … It is sandwiched wonderfully. Lol

Next is "Kagamiishi"! The Sumerian characters inscribed in this stone may or may not be the name of the place. . If you find this, absolute tension will rise! (The photographer was also desperately looking for it!)

And! If you come here, I want you to experience it,Compass Challenge. (The name was arbitrarily chosen.) When the compass is brought close to the largest sunstone in the hill, the needle spins for some reason.

Will it really turn? I asked Kashiyama who was uneasy to challenge him!
as a result…"... Oh? ! eh? ! Did you go around? ? !"…That's right! If you look at the needle that moves incomprehensibly in front of you, everyone looks like this. Lol

Oshido stone hill where you can experience various wonders, such as being sandwiched between stones, engraved with letters, turning compass magnets, etc.

But what I feel the most power coming here is after all! I'm looking at the scenery.
Such a wonderful space that stretches out suddenly and makes you want to breathe delicious air! And please come to the Oshido stone hill where there are plenty of photogenic scenery \ (^^) /

▼ Click here for details and access to Oshidoishi

■ Kogi Mountain Inari shrine

"Kohagiyama Inari Shrine" is an Inari Shrine located in the Minamioguni Machida area. Of the many Inari Shrines nationwide, it is said that this is the only place where you can find lovers and fulfill your love!

There is a legend that if you could not find a cow or horse that was missing in the past, you could find it strangely if you visited this shrine, and it became rumored that many women now And couples came to visit.

It wants profit as anything! I have to ask for everything ...! So I visited with Kashiyama!

May Kashiyama's wish come true!

This year! Let's get happiness together! ! ! ! Lol

Also, Ohagiyama Inari Shrine not only prays, but also the scenery you can see from here is the best! ! If you are lucky, you can see Aso Godake.

The photographer also shot perfectly from the top of the car!

Someone looking for a lover! If not! Please come casually\ (^^) /

▼ Click here for access to Ohagiyama Inari Shrine

■ Ryokan Yunosako

Speaking of Kashiyama! After allSpaCan not be removed! ! !

This time, I visited “Ryokan Yunosako” in the Minamioguni Machida nohara area.

Here is a special hot spring that can only be found here!

that name as well…Dirty bath! ! ! ! ! As you can see, it's shaped like a sumo ring!

Not only the shape of the bath, but also the hot spring sommelier ambassador Kashiyama was impressed with the quality of the spring! It has a cleansing effect and can be moisturized and moisturized!

Soak in the hot spring for a while and thoroughly enjoy its effects. I enjoyed the hot spring \ (^^) /

By the way, the bath is a hot spring that only guests can enter! Please come to Ryokan Yunosako by all means at this opportunity!

▼ Click here for access to dosukoi bath articles and inns

■ Conclusion

Suitable for New Year! How about a power spot or hot spring in Minamioguni-machi (* ^^ *)?

Do you really get power or benefit anywhere? ! It is just a nice place. Please come to Minamioguni-machi \ (^^) /! ! !

From here, just a little behind the scenes ...!
It was a really fun shooting this year, surrounded by wonderful staff \ (^^) /

Oshido stone is so good that you want to make a piece with both hands! ! !

And Kashiyama fans must see! ! ! In the hut next to the reception at Oshido Stone Hill, there is a free book where customers can write messages.

We have you write a comment in this free book! Please find it!

We are filled with gratitude to the TV stations who shoot, edit, and broadcast the videos that people who watch TV think they want to go!

And above all, Mr. Kashiyama who reports easily! Thank you very much(;_;)!

We will continue to work hard to make the appeal of Minamioguni-cho even easier to understand through the video, so we hope you'll support us.

Thank you in the future!

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