[Kumamon TV / Spin-off video] Kumamon experienced drone operation in Minamioguni-machi, Aso! I took the back side of Mon!

Hello! It is Koji of SMO south small country editor in chief!

For the first time in my lifePopular people in Kumamoto!KumamonI was impressed to be able to take a picture with (T_T)

When all Kumamoto prefectural people hear “local characters”, the first thing that comes to mind is of course “KumamonThat's right! ! ! !

Now, not only in Kumamoto Prefecture, but all over the country ... No! Kumamon is very popular all over the world!

What a Kumamon!Experience drone operation in my Minamioguni townHe came to me (^^) /! ! !

This time,A sister teaching Kumamon how to fly a drone"

The place where the drone flew is "Hiranodai Kogen Observatory", which is also a flightable area with Minamioguni-machi drone bills!

It is also called the "hill of lovers" and is the best date spot overlooking the meadows and Mt. Aso.

Kumamon is also enchanted by the superb view ♡

Well, can you fly a drone here? ! Do your best! Kumamon \ (^^) / ♡

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Your first character here? ! Drone operation ...! ! !

Did Kaji teach you how to fly a drone?

And what kind of maneuvering experience came ...

Kumamon × DroneChemical reaction and how ...!

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■ Spin-off video now available!

With special permission this time, I shot a little bit of the backside where Kumamon is piloting!

No matter whether the camera is rotating or not, it was always cute to Kumamon (T_T) ♡

However, this aspect is also ...

What happened to Kumamon and Kaji-chan? . .

Please have a look with the main part!

■ Conclusion

In Minamioguni-cho, we have also started a tour where you can experience drone operation for those who have a drone as well as those who do not have it!

Anyone who is a game idiot can fly, so if you receive a lecture, anyone can fly (* ^ ^ *)

Can only be shot with a drone! Like this"Shine"You can also take photos!

By all means, a special experience unique to Minamioguni-machi! ! !

We look forward to your coming (* ^^ *)

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