| Announcement of results | Introducing the award-winning works of the “Yu Akari 2019 Photo Contest” in Aso and Minamioguni-machi!

Hello! I ’m Kaji-chan, editor-in-chief of SMO Minamioguni.

I still like the fraudulent photos I took a year ago. Lol

Now! We receive many applications every yearAwara Hotaru Photo Contest.

Yukari has been held in each of the hot spring areas in Minamioguni-cho since 2018, and in fiscal 2019, you can see them outside the hot spring areas, and you can shoot at various spots!

The total number of entries for this year's hot water photo contest is311 of!!!

All of them are really nice photos and I would like to give prizes to everyone who applied, but it is not so, so after careful selection, we will select 6 prix grand prix and 1 grand prix this time Was.

I want to see what photo was selected! I wanted to see the hot water but couldn't go ... I saw the actual hot water but I missed the picture ... I think some people came.

Therefore, I would like to introduce the award-winning works this year, so please take a look ご 覧 (^^) /

■ Introduction of winning works

Then we introduce work of six associate grand prix, one grand prix!

★ Second Grand Prix:Mr. @dai_photogenie
One picture taken along the Tanohara River at dusk. Change into a yukata, look at the hot water with your shoulders close together ... It looks like it looks 100 times more beautiful than you normally would.

★ Second Grand Prix:Mr. @sna_go
One piece in the area where the largest number of lanterns are located at Maru Suzubashi. A lantern of different size and shape, and a gentle light reflected on the water surface.

★ Second Grand Prix:Mr. @soramiphoto
One picture taken on the stairs from Maruzubashi to the river. Yukari is between two people who seem happy. A photo that looks more and more happier, utterly smiling and enviable ♡

★ Second Grand Prix:@ryouta_anai
One piece that Yamabiko Ryokan's bridge, Yukari, and Tanohara River complement each other. It doesn't matter which one is missing, and he has a wonderful picture that can be taken only here.

★ Second Grand Prix:@kiyotaka_iwa
Kawayu is the most embarrassing hot spring in Japan. The rising smoke and the light reflected on the surface of the water, a nice piece that makes you feel nostalgic and calm.

★ Second Grand Prix:@erk_inkc
One very exciting piece that seems to hear the voice "I'm beautiful!" I want you to carve it as a landscape of memories and want to see it again when you grow up (* ^^ *)

★ Grand Prix:Hello @ hirochanman5963,
One picture taken along the Tanohara River while the snow keeps falling steadily. Have you ever had a photo of a hot water cut out like this? The seemingly contrasting objects of snow and hot water are fused in a single photo, and the warm and beautiful hot water is always beautifully expressed.

Thank you for taking a really nice photo.

■ Conclusion

This time, many people visited Minamioguni-cho for the sake of hot water, and the local people who set up were very pleased (* ^^ *)

There are many backgrounds in the photos you have submitted, and the kind light of the lanterns is one of the memories of your trip. I hope.

The hot spring light in Minamioguni Town was originally scheduled to end on April 2020, 4. However! This time, only in the Kurokawa Onsen areaJune 31, 2020The extension of the period has been decided!

It lights up from around 18:22 to around XNUMX:XNUMX every day to make sure that everyone has a pleasant time. (Details of hot water:https://www.kurokawaonsen.or.jp/event/yuakari/

By all means on this occasion“Spring hot water light”Please enjoy! We look forward to your visit.

▼ Many other wonderful pictures! ! Please come and see!