| Result announcement | Introduction of Minami-Oguni drone bill movie & photo contest winning works!

Hello! It is Koji of SMO south small country editor in chief!

If you have a drone, you've probably heard it at least once.Minamioguni drone bills"

A drone pilot who can fly a drone freely as he wishes at six locations in Minamioguni-cho is a dreamlike bill without delight.

Since the southern small country drone bill started in October 2018, the number of users has exceeded 10! A video and still image contest of Minamioguni-machi taken with a drone was held for both thanks and great return. (Application period: 150/2019/9-1/2020/1)

This time, the total number of applications was 20 for the video section and 24 for the still image section! We have carefully selected a number of wonderful works and introduced the works that won the Grand Prize, Excellence Prize, and Vook Prize at once!

If you see this, you will surely want to fly a drone! Please have a look \ (^^) /

■ Introducing winning works

★ Video Category Best Award: Hitoshi Kubo

★ Still image category best prize: Kenji Mori


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★ Video Category Excellence Award: Mr. Takaya Inoue

★ Video Category Excellence Award: Takeshi Kitamura

★ Vook Award: Hitoshi Kubo (Omitted because it is the same as the highest award)

■ Conclusion

A lot of really amazing winning works ...! Thank you very much for everyone who applied.

I'm a drone pilot, but I can't help but see your work and want to fly the drone quickly!

Surely some of you who are looking at this will want to fly a drone, but it is not easy to take steps before the purchase ...

Good news for such people! The Minamioguni Town Tourism Association has started a tour where you can experience drone operation!

The staff will carefully teach you how to operate, so anyone can easily shoot the superb view \ (^ o ^) /

Come on you! Please come to shoot a superb view of Minamioguni-machi with a drone.

▼ Click here for details of the drone operation experience