30 minutes by car from Aso / Oguni Township. Enjoy nature! Introducing "Forest Adventure Okuhita," an activity that allows you to take a walk in the air between trees.

Hello! It is Koji of SMO south small country editor in chief!

At first glance, it looks like a female gorilla trying to get caught, but this is Kaji-chan enjoying the activity.

here! It is suddenActivity loversIt is good news \ (^^) /! ! !
This time, by car from Oguni Township, which is also the prefectural border with Oita PrefectureOnly 30 minutesIn place...How! That! Nature-symbiotic outdoor park from FranceForest Adventure OkuhitaWill open on March 2020, 3!

It is located in Nakatsue Village, Oita Prefecture, which once boasts the largest gold production in the Orient and currently has an underground museum, which is now certified as a Japanese Modern Heritage Site, and a roadside station, campsite, and restaurant. "Taio Gold Mine] Next door!

Activities can only be experienced! So, I went immediately 行 っ (^^) /

If you read this, you will definitely want to go soon! Please read it by all means.

■ A very easy way!

The route is very simple! When you look at the map, it is almost not bent.
(The starting point is assumed to be the Minamioguni town general product building Kiyora Casa)

Take National Route 212 toward Oita, pass the Oguni Police Station and turn left at the first intersection to National Route 387!

Go straight along the road, and there is a bridge like this, so slowly turn right!

Go a little further and you will see Tsue Junior High School on your right, and turn left on a three-way intersection without traffic light!

After turning, follow the road for about 10 km, and if you go for "Taio Kanayama" anyway, you will arrive!

Everything that seems a little lostTaisei Kanayama is here!The signboard is installed and it is very easy to understand.

Park your car in the parking lot of the roadside station Taisei Kanayama, and firmly hereFinish the toilet, And follow the guide to the landmarks ...

That is the building with the reception!

Goal if you see a pretty hut! Let's accept here!

■ Arecole of Forest Adventure

Forest Adventure Okuhita is the fifth in Kyushu! The second in Oita prefecture after Beppu!

This is a dynamic environment that makes the most of the characteristics of the forest“Adventure course only”Has become.

Click here for details such as the amount! (As of March 2020)

It is possible to experience from 4th grade elementary students or those who are 140cm tall or more, and you can enjoy from children to adults!

First, sign the pledge at the reception. And make a payment!

Then, attach the safety harness.

Why did you say that you finished the toilet at the roadside station and told ← earlier…If you attach a harness, you can not easily go to the toilet! ! !So let's get it done before playing. (Of course, the staff can remove you, but if you hurry, it's very hard! Lol)

Ready for everything! Come on! To adventure! ! !

Forest Adventure Okuhita has 35 activities, and you can go around all 4 courses in about 2 hours.

The height from the ground is about 15 to 30 meters.

It seems that the difficulty level is slightly higher than other forest adventures.

Of course, you don't play right away. First of all, you will take a safety training!

Opening firstKeep your own safety. This is the principle.], In a good sense I was given a firm word.

The staff lectured very carefully on how to use the equipment,

It will tell you what is dangerous and how to do it without any danger.

Kaji-chan already has a transcendent chatter face in the course of safety training. The future is thoughtful.

... you will notice why the face is so sharp. Yes, I'm not good at high places.

Stunning waist. Scary high places ... and lack of exercise and heavy body ... but I want to tell you the fun! ! ! In that heart, I have experienced various things! Lol

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