Unlimited access to the superb outdoor bath! ? "Smartphone hot water" of Aso, Minamioguni is hot at home time! I actually tried a hot bathing experience

Hello! It is Koji of SMO south small country editor in chief!

I want to feel as if I've been out for a while, and I feel like I've been out after watching the VR video of the drone. Lol

In recent years in Aso and Minamioguni, the powerful fresh greenery that sprouted after field burning is beautiful and the healing landscape is everywhere.

It's a great season to go out.

However, due to the influence of the new coronavirus, he was unable to go out. .. I can't quite go out as I expected. .. Under such circumstances, various initiatives are being carried out across the country for after-corona and with corona.

In my townOnly in Minamioguni Town!Because it is a hot spring area that makes the most ofThat thingI started.

By the time you're done reading the article, you'll probably be running to the bath with your mobile phone in hand. Please read it by all means!

■Body is home, hot spring is hot spring, hot water, smartphone hot water

Here is the initiative that we have been fully prepared for!Smartphone hot water!

If you ask only the title, do you put your mobile phone in hot water? Some people wonder, and some don't. .. Lol

First of all, what is "smartphone hot water"? ! Introducing.

What is smartphone hot water
Have 33 inns and inns in Minamioguni-machi with your smartphone etc.360 degree videos of hot springsWatch environmental soundsI can.
You can enjoy the feeling of bathing in various hot springs, such as various open-air baths, indoor baths, hot springs with waterfalls, and Iwayu. Also, every time you visit the page, three recommended hot springs are displayed at random, so you can always meet new hot springs.

So that's it! Put simply,Enjoy super realistic hot spring videos at home!It is that.

I think it's a wonderful activity in my town (;_;)!

Nationwide, no! From homes around the world! We want you to experience the feeling of having entered a hot spring that is full of the atmosphere of Minamioguni. And, if you can make your stay home time as fulfilling as possible...

In the streets, “smartphone hot water is the best!” “Bathtime revolution has happened!” “There is no way to taste this hot spring…!” The voice is flickering...

This is something that you shouldn't actually try...let's! Smartphone hot water!

■ I actually experienced it!

Immediately, grab your cell phone and go to the bath!

Use this for bath salts. Because it's a serious group, you can fully enjoy the feeling of hot springs in Minamioguni! Lol

The time when I was wondering which hot spring to enter is extremely fun.

But all seem good and I can't decide... OK! Let's use the recommended hot springs today!

Installation of mobile phone is complete! It's a hassle, so I could ride on the towel! Lol

The ducks are envious of the hot springs, keeping their social distance.

Ready to go! Let's take a bath!

(*If your mobile phone is not waterproof, be careful not to drop it in a bathtub!)

This time, I chose the open-air bath, so I looked up at the sky and took a long bath after a long absence.

The surface of the hot water is fluctuating... The hot water that rises muddy... Everything is healing.

And since the environmental sound is recorded in full, you can hear the sound of the river nearby, the sound of hot water flowing, the sound of the wind, and the chirping of birds, all in a clear way.

What's even more surprising is that it will tell you after 3 minutes and the scenery will change automatically after a certain period of time!

Even if you can't operate your mobile phone because your hands are wet, you can enjoy various views...

If you close your eyes, you will feel as if you are in a hot spring, and you will definitely feel the illusion. I admired that it was a great era... Lol

However, watching these videos will further increase your desire to take a hot spring. .. Lol

If you have a hot spring or ryokan that you are interested in, please come to stay after the end (*^^*)!

■ Conclusion

MinamioguniSmartphone hot water,How was that? ? !

Because it is a small country that has been supported by many tourists so far! We hope that we can provide healing to everyone who stays at home with a stay home (*^^*)

We look forward to welcoming you once you have calmed down!

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▼Smartphone hot water official website

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