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Limited to one group per day! A dense and luxurious private space for you. Introducing the charter plan for the hidden "Mazeno Valley" in Aso and Minamioguni!

Hello! It is Koji of SMO south small country editor in chief!

This time, one of the best sightseeing spots in Minamioguni-machiMazeno ValleyIntroducing a wonderful and exciting activity!

You can spend time as you wish in a completely private space without worrying about the surroundings. It is a must-see for those who want to taste such luxury! ! Please read it.

■One of the best autumn leaves spots in Minamioguni Town!

Everyone"Mazeno ValleyDo you know?

It is opened twice a year for a limited time only during the period of fresh green leaves and autumn leaves. It is a representative autumn leaves spot in the Aso region where more than 2 people visit during the autumn leaves opening period (about 1 month).

However, since this is "Makino" in the area of ​​Minamioguni-machi/Nakahara, you can't enter except during the open period.

for that reason“Unexplored area of ​​Minamioguni town”It is no exaggeration to say that!

Such unexplored... What! ! !You can rent out only one group per dayThat's a ridiculous plan! ! ! !

What can I do if I say I can rent it out? ! -...You can do that and this too.(smug face)

Please see below for details♡

■ Limited to 1 group per day! Private plan for the Mazeno Valley!

Your freedom is what you do! I don't care what you do! By the way, I can rent out everything here.

Anyway it's wide. No secret.

Moreover, they will lend you tables, chairs, gas stoves, cups, and BBQ sets (for a fee).You can leave your hands empty! ! ! This is really nice (*^^*)!

For example ...

Yukkkuri drinking coffee, reading books,

Sit on the rocks along the valley and work,


Of course you can take a nap!

Other than that, you can take pictures without worrying about the location of the place, freely fly the drone, and draw at any place you like. ..

It's a dream that you can monopolize a vast site and spend time freely in a private space.

For details on reservations, charter prices, rental items, etc., please check below.

▼ Click here for details

*Saturday and Sunday reservations are starting to fill up. Make reservations fast!

■Take out together!

If you go to the Mazeno Valley, you want to eat lunch there! I'm sure there are some who think.

Currently, there are several shops in Minamioguni that are selling takeaway menus!

An exquisite pizza that you can see from the photo,

Pita bread that looks good on SNS,

A classic bento that you can enjoy regardless of age or sex,

Even a little luxurious lunch is available! ! !

Eat the most delicious rice in a special space and feel happy!

▼ Click here for details

■ Conclusion

In order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, it is unavoidable to open it every year when the greenery is open to the public.

However, nowadays, I have to live with a constant awareness that I can't manage to see the scenery of the truly magnificent Mageno Valley at all times, and "keeping the social distance and avoiding the crowds". This plan was started by the Mazeno Makino Association and the Tourism Association as a team, thinking that we could take a break in nature.

We hope that everyone will have the best healing time with the beautiful nature of the Mageno Valley and delicious rice from Minamioguni (*^^*).

We look forward to welcoming you!

▼Click here for a video introducing the Mageno Valley