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[Hot topic!Luxury prizes available] Start in October!Introducing "Real Treasure Hunt" that goes around Aso / Minamioguni Town x Takamori Town while solving the mystery.

Hello! It is Koji of SMO south small country editor in chief!

This time, we will introduce "Real Treasure Hunt" that started in Minamioguni Town and Takamori Town!

Somehow, this treasure hunt, as the name suggests, solves the mystery of "real" while searching for the location of the treasure, and if you can find it, you can apply for a lottery to win a luxurious prize ...!

The event will be held from October 10st (Thursday) to December 1th (Sunday).Until!Please join us at this opportunity to search for treasures that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike!

■ Real treasure hunt story

A bad witch who believes she is the most beautiful has begun to get angry at this town, which is more beautiful than herself, and destroy nature ...

Let's break the code and find the "magic music box" to stop such a bad witch!That is.

■ How to participate in the real treasure hunt

Briefly explain how to participate!

① Get a treasure map.There is a mystery written on the map, so solve it and collect clues
② If you collect all the clues, you will reach the mystery that shows the whereabouts of the treasure.
③ If you can find a treasure, there is a "keyword" that proves your discovery.Make a note of it and report it to the Discovery Report Office!
④ If you report the discovery and answer the questionnaire, you can apply for a lottery to win a luxurious prize!

This is the "treasure map".It is installed at the Minamioguni Town Tourism Association, Takamori Town Tourism Exchange Center, and each tourist facility!

Using this map, you can solve the mystery, go around Minamioguni Town and Takamori Town, and collect all the clues to reach the mystery that shows the whereabouts of the treasure!Let's discover the treasure by solving the mystery!

■ Notes on participating in the real treasure hunt

Please follow the rules and enjoy the treasure hunt (* ^^ *)

■ When making a discovery report, please check the reception hours and business hours of the facility that is the discovery reporting office in advance.
■ If you come by car, please park in the designated parking lot and search on foot.
■ Please do not move or tamper with the installations of this event.
■ There are no installations for this event at the location below. (Paid facility / in water / in soil / off-limits area)
■ You can report the [keyword] written on the treasure box and apply for prizes only once for each treasure map (participation booklet), and you can only give it to yourself.
■ Prize lottery application is limited to the person who is found.
■ Please follow the rules and pay close attention to your safety.
■ Never search at night, in stormy weather such as typhoons or warnings, or in other situations where it is judged that you or others are in danger.
■ We are not aware of any damages caused by accidents, injuries, damage to property, etc. during the event, and we do not take any responsibility.It is the individual responsibility of the participants, so please understand before participating.
■ Please participate in the treasure hunt by preparing according to the environment, season, and weather of the venue, such as preparing winter clothes in cold weather.
■ Please do not publish the answers and explanations of this event on SNS or blogs. (It's okay to talk about it.)
■ Please be careful about spoilers when posting in the reviews of each event.

[Determination of participation in events associated with measures against new coronavirus infection]
We would like to ask all the event participants for the following cooperation in order to prevent infectious diseases and spread.
■ If you are not feeling well, or if you have a cold-like symptom including fever, or if you are in poor physical condition, please refrain from participating and make a decision to participate after giving top priority to ensuring your health and safety. Thank you.
■ In order to prevent infectious diseases, please wear a mask when you participate in the event and wash your hands diligently.Customers under the age of 3 can participate in the event without a mask if it is difficult to wear.

■ Click here for luxury prizes!

The prize money of the special prize is ...Cash 30 yen!! !! !!First prizeCash 10 yen…!In addition, even prizes that you can get special products worth 3000 yen and 5000 yen!It's too gorgeous and I'm excited ...! !! !!

■ Conclusion

Minamioguni Town and Takamori Town in Aso District are members of "The Most Beautiful Villages in Japan" and continue to operate as "The Most Beautiful Villages in Japan Aso Branch".As part of this activity, a "real treasure hunt" event will be held to search for treasure while solving the mystery of both towns.

In full-scale autumn, the sea of ​​clouds and

Japanese pampas grass that you will fall in love with

Of course, the Aso area is full of charm and you can enjoy the autumn colors.

We hope that you will enjoy visiting Minamioguni Town and Takamori Town while solving the mystery.

[Official HP] Real treasure hunthttps://www.takarush.jp/promo/beautifulvillages2020/