[Ended] The first countdown campaign for the opening of the New Aso Bridge!The winter outing stamp rally will start on November 11th!

A press conference was held on November 11, but the new Aso Bridge opening countdown campaign undertaken by the New Aso Bridge Revitalization Council, which consists of three towns and villages, Ozu Town, Minami Aso Village, and Takamori Town, will start on November 4. To do.

A state of the press conference. The heads of the three towns and villages and the heads of the tourism associations gathered to explain the new Aso Bridge opening countdown campaign that the council will work on with the New Aso Bridge in the background.


Furthermore!There is also a privilege that the first 3000 people will definitely get by participating on weekdays!

This time, in order to hold a stamp rally where you can experience the three towns and villages without being crowded, we will prepare a lot of weekday benefits in addition to the luxurious prizes won by lottery.The photo is Shin Aso chopsticks.There is a bridge and chopsticks.

In Takamori TownReady bugAlso handmade mini soap made by Mr.

A variety of easy-to-use original drawstring purses are also available on weekdays!
* The privilege is one of "New Aso large chopsticks", "Mini soap" and "Original drawstring purse" per person.

About stamp spots

In fact, Ozu Town and Minami Aso Village are about 10 minutes away by car.Minamiaso Village and Takamori Town are also next to each other. A sense of distance that makes it easy to collect all stamps on a casual outing for the day.Please participate in the stamp rally.

Campaign period: November 2, Reiwa 11 to December 7, Reiwa 2
Stamp spot: 12 places

* You can apply by collecting one stamp per town / village (three in total) at any place in each town / village.

・ Oku Aso Bussankan
・ Minami Aso Railway Takamori Station
・ Takamori Yusui Tunnel Park
・ Minami Aso Visitor Center
・ Aso Marukichi soy sauce

Minamiaso village
・ Shirakawa Water Source (Busankan Nature An)
・ South Aso Holiday Park
・ Aso Farm Land
・ Tateno Station (NikoNiko Manju)

Otsu Town
・ Roadside station Ozu
・ Otsu Station Visitor Center
・ Higo Ozu Station North Exit

Stamp rally posting place (weekday limited privilege delivery place)
・ Takamori Town Tourism Exchange Center (Takamori Town Tourism Association)
・ Road Station Asobo no Sato Kugino
・ Ozu Town Exchange Center (Higo Ozu Tourism Association)