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[Video introduction] Make your body and mind warm!Excellent food made by lovely moms!Introducing the two members of the laughing party!

Hello! It is a chubby idol (self-named) Kaji-chan in Minamioguni-machi!

I'm waiting for you to introduce today!Kaji x Max's Nansan Goodbye!

Autumn is over, and winter is finally coming to Minamioguni.I want to survive the frigid winter.

■ Video introduction

In such a case, meet wonderful people, eat delicious food, and warm your mind and body! (Forcible)

■ What is the "laughing party" that grabs the stomach of Minamioguni townspeople and keeps them?

Max has something in his hand from the opening ...

Recently, I seem to be addicted to the rice flour pancake mix that can be purchased at Kiyora Casa ...!

This time, we will charge the producer of this rice flour pancake mix!

This is made by the processing group "Ebisu-kai".

The members, Sumako Akiyoshi and Kyoko Akiyoshi, are kind and lovely mothers.They use home-grown rice and vegetables to make bento boxes.

The smell that looks delicious when you enter the kitchen ...!I want to eat immediately!want to eat!To me who makes a noise, Max's extra word ...

Let's take a break!

Speaking of the laughing party, "chicken rice" & "wild vegetable okowa"!

The dishes they make have a reputation for excellence, and they even sell their products to Fukuoka!Of course, you can also buy it at Kiyora Casa, a general product building in Minamioguni Town!

And wait for Max!I also asked them to make a waffle using a pancake mix of rice flour!

Actually, this waffle was very popular at the event held in Kumamoto city the other day!

The food they made is delicious, delicious, no matter what you eat, it's really happy! !! !!

And Sumako also runs a farmer's house "Kaguya Hime no Sato".

The walls and ceilings of the private lodging facilities are filled with warm messages from customers who have come so far!

Click here for information on "Kaguya Hime no Sato"!

Health, encounters, and gratitude are Sumako's mottos.It's the secret of a gentle personality!

Thanks to the two members of the laughing party, chubby idols are warm both physically and mentally.
I was nervous in the video, but I feel like I can be more kind to Max from now on ^^ lol

Why don't you visit Minamioguni-cho to eat what they made?
Please have a look!

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