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[Video introduction] Aerial view of Aso / Minamioguni Town!Introducing drone bills and how to use drones in town!

I'm Kaji-chan, a chubby idol (self-proclaimed) from Minamioguni Town!

Happy new year everyone.I look forward to working with you again this year!

By the way, the first one to introduce in the new year is ... after all, here!

I'm waiting for you guys! !! ??Kaji x Max's guys!

■ Video introduction

Once again, Happy New Year Max!

This is Kaji-chan with a lion on his head and Kadomatsu with Kadomatsu (laughs).
This year as well, "Kaji Max's Nansan Yokabai!" Is a favor ♡

So, this time, we have shot a "congratulations video" suitable for the New Year!

At the beginning of the video is a drone shot of the sunrise seen from the spectacular spot "Oshitoishi no Oka" in Minamioguni Town.

In fact, my Minamioguni town ...Drone advanced areaThat's it! For the first time in 2021, I will tell you about "Minamioguni Town x Drone"!

■ What kind of relationship is there between Minamioguni Town and the drone? ??We went to investigate and Max! !!

First of all, I talked to Mr. Ikuya Takafuji of the Minamioguni Town Hall Town Development Division.

We talked about various initiatives that Minamioguni Town is making using drones!

It seems that the town is using drones for various disasters that have occurred in recent years.
In the heavy rain disaster that occurred last year, it was used to grasp the damage situation.It plays a role in improving the disaster prevention capabilities of the town!

It is also incorporated into the learning of elementary and junior high school students.

The aim is to get people interested in new technologies by increasing the opportunities to come into contact with drones!
We look forward to the unique efforts of Minamioguni Town and the possibilities of drones in the future!

Next, Max visited Kiyora Casa, a general product building in the town!

We talked to Daisuke Kodera of the Tourism Association about drone bills!

What!If you borrow this "drone bill", you can find it at a designated spot in the town.You can fly freely!

Minamioguni TownMost of them are not densely populated areas, and they are not near airports, so they can fly.That's exactly what you can do!
This bill is very popular with drone enthusiasts and has a high repeater rate!

But you're thinking, "You can't enjoy it without a drone ..."!Please rest assured!
Even if you do not have a drone, there is a plan that you can rent and operate the aircraft (* ^^ *)

Please take this opportunity to touch the drone ♡

● Click here for details on drone bills (* Currently, the number of flight spots has expanded to 6!)

■ I actually skipped it!

To worship the superb view, go to my favorite drone bill spot "Kohagiyama Inari Shrine"!

In fact, Kaji Max, both of them are drone pilots who have been properly trained!

So, I immediately skipped the drone and Max!

The magnificent nature of Minamioguni shows various expressions depending on the season.

It is also recommended to take a drone shot of the black meadow after burning in the open and the spring and summer meadows with beautiful fresh greenery!

If you are interested in drones and want to fly as much as you want, why don't you come visit us?

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