Kurokawa Onsen has been selected as one of the 25 most “instagram” hot springs in the world for Forbes!

With the renewed epidemic of the new coronavirus putting many parts of the world under lockdown again this winter, Instagram has become a place to feel like traveling and plan future trips at home. I am.

Meanwhile, The Most Picturesque Hot Springs In The World, According To Instagram, published by Forbes, an American economic magazine that publishes articles on topics such as finance, industry, investment, and marketing, is the 25 most "instagram" hot springs in the world. Kurokawa Onsen is ranked 10,049rd in the selection).The total number of hashtags is XNUMX!In Japan, it ranks XNUMXth after Kinosaki Onsen, Dogo Onsen, and Jigokudani Yaen-Koen.

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https://forbesjapan.com/articles/detail/39400/1/1/1* In Japanese articles, XNUMXrd place: Kurosawa Onsen.However, it is an error in Kurokawa Onsen.

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Speaking of Kurokawa Onsen in winter, the scenery of "Yu Akari".
This year, due to the fact that it is in the corona storm, we are implementing a "distributed" hot water light.Not only the lighting of the familiar hot spring town, but also

Kurokawa Shrine, which is a little far from the center

Lighting is underway at the Hiranodai Observatory.

Hot water lights are lit in various places in Minamioguni Town other than Kurokawa Onsen.The photo shows the Senomoto Plateau.You can enjoy the dusk and the faint lights.

Bamboo objects also appear in front of the Manganji Onsenkan.

The Japanese garden is beautifully decorated in the Oda Onsen.

It is also lit at Tanohara Onsen.The balustrade of Tahara Ohashi is also lit up with bamboo lights.

Also at Gondo Charolais, a campsite on Mt. Otani.You can enjoy bamboo lights and camping.

A photo spot has also appeared at the Minamioguni Town Hall.

For those who find it difficult to see in real life, posters using AR videos (the hot water lights will light up little by little when held over the poster) will be posted and distributed from February.

It's hard to go out every day, but we are planning to have a hot spring light until May this year, so we hope you will come after the end of the day.