Start March 3st!Shave the scratch card and win!Introducing the campaign to visit Minamioguni in spring.

Hello. SMO It's Morinaga from Minamioguni. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by having to wear a mask when entering the facility in Minami-Oguni Town to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections.

March before I knew it.It's a warm and pleasant season.
Meanwhile, in Minamioguni-machi, I would like all who come to visit Minamioguni-machi! With that in mind, we plan to hold a "Let's visit Minami-Oguni Town" campaign.

About the campaign to visit Minamioguni Town

If you stay in Minamioguni-cho during the period, you will receive a "scratch card" at the facility you stayed at! (First come, first served at each facility).You can scrape the scratch part and use the scratch card as it is as a gold ticket at each facility according to the grade you hit.

If you answer the questionnaire from the QR code on the back, you can also apply for a double chance to win an assortment of special products.

The scratch card looks like this. It is a place that comes out when the part marked "XNUMXst class" on the upper right is cut.

Available stores

The scraped scratch cards can be used as is as cash vouchers at approximately 100 stores and restaurants in Minamioguni-machi.

About Minamioguni Town in Spring

In Minamioguni-cho in spring, a "spring gourmet" campaign is also underway along with the scratch card campaign.If you eat gourmet food unique to spring or take-out products, you will receive a cute novelty that is perfect for going out in spring. * Limited to the first 70 people at each store

※For more information is here

Please come and visit Minamioguni Town in the spring.