[Limited time from November 11th to 19th] Free shipping on special sets!Buy and support producers in Aso Minamioguni!Eat and cheer!Introducing Pocket Marche

Currently, in Minamioguni Town, farmers and fishermen sell and sell seasonal ingredients online Marche."Pocket Marche"We are carrying out a campaign to support producers in collaboration with!

This time, from November 2021th to 11th, 19, the products of Minamioguni Town will be a special set, and moreoverfree shipping!
This is your chance to buy it at a great price! !! !!

Introducing what kind of products are available 👀✨!

● Breakfast set in Minamioguni Town (Japanese food)

● Breakfast set in Minamioguni Town (Western) * Limited to 60 sets *

● Aso Minamioguni ★ Tempura set ★

● Dengaku set in Minamioguni-cho * Limited to 30 sets *

● Minamioguni Town special product set

Please take this opportunity to purchase the ingredients and processed products that Minamioguni Town is proud of 😊

▼ Other products from Minamioguni Town can be purchased here.

● What is Pocket Marche?

Online Marche that connects people who make and eat!

You don't often get to know the producers in your daily shopping, but at Pocket Marche you can buy ingredients directly from farmers and fishermen.

Very easy to use!
Check the ingredients you care about, just like regular online shopping!

If you have any questions, you can ask the producers directly!

You can also ask how to eat deliciously and how to store it optimally, so it's safe!

Once the product is decided, all you have to do is pay!

Fresh ingredients will be delivered from the producer ♡

You can get fresh vegetables and handmade processed products from Minamioguni Town with just such a simple step ...!It's the height of happiness! !! !!

▼ Click here for details on Pocket Marche

● Conclusion

In Aso Minamioguni Town, there are various ingredients such as vegetables unique to high cold regions and processed products using vegetables that are grown in-house and do not use pesticides 👏!

Please take this opportunity to enjoy vegetables and processed products from Minamioguni Town at a great price 😊