[June 6th / July 26th] Online talk session will be held!Possibility of foreigners and career development in the area!

Hello everyone!
This is Wal Max from SMO Minamioguni!It's getting pretty hot, the mountains of Aso are dyed in beautiful green, flowers are blooming here and there, and I'm excited about the summer mood, Max!
By the way, today I would like to share information that is a bit different from the usual tourist information.

In addition to disseminating tourism information and planning new tourism, SMO is involved with the community in various ways.
Recently, I am working on "creating a comfortable community where foreigners can play an active role"!
As part of that, twice (2/6, 26/7)"Foreigners' potential and career developmentWith the theme of
We will hold an online talk session! !!

This time, as the first step, ""Potential of foreign human resources in local tourism in Japan" by foreigners who are actually engaged in the tourism industryWe will have a talk session!

In the question corner, you can hear detailed stories from foreigners working in various occupations about local work and the attractiveness of the local tourism industry!

\ Recommended for you /
・ Those who are interested in how to build a career in Japan
・ Those who want to demonstrate their strength and advance their career
・ Those who are interested in "what only foreigners can do"
・ Those who like Japan and want to work in Japan
・ Those who are interested in the tourism industry and want to know more
・ Those who want to grow and improve their skills at work

Yun Hong Jo / Representative of Y.Bridge Co., Ltd.
A Korean living in Kumamoto City.Representative of Y.Bridge Co., Ltd.We are engaged in business such as tourist guides, translators and interpreters in the prefecture.My hobby is visiting hot springs, and I have visited 400 hot springs in Kyushu.Also active as a hot spring sommelier meister. We have been operating accommodation facilities in Kumamoto City since 2021. (YHouse / Cooking Valley Low Katsura)

Kao Murakami / Inbound Promotion Specialist
Born in Thailand, 13 years in Japan.Lives in Minamiaso Village, Kumamoto Prefecture.After gaining experience in overseas expansion and media visiting Japan, he established "Deeper Layer Planning" to support inbound efforts.He is also active as an advisor to the Thai market of the Kumamoto Prefecture Tourism Federation, a member of the "Create Japan Working Group" promoted by the Cabinet Office Cool Japan, and a fellow of the "Kuma Lab" in Kumamoto Prefecture.

Wal Max / SMO Minamioguni Tourism / Future Creation Division
A Swede living in Minamioguni Town, Kumamoto Prefecture.As a foreign staff member of DHE Co., Ltd., he moved to Minamioguni Town as a full-time person in charge of landing-type travel product development (seconded) for foreign tourists visiting Japan.Currently, while playing an active part as a member of the Minamioguni Town version of DMO (SMO Minamioguni), he is involved in the operation of SNS pages for foreign tourists visiting Japan such as local governments and translation and interpretation work.

【Webinar Summary】
◎ Schedule: Saturday, June 6th, 26: 13-00: 15
◎ Location: Online (Zoom) * If you apply, the participation URL will be shared.
◎ Participation fee: Free
◎ Theme: "Foreigners' potential for tourism in rural areas'

◎ Schedule: Saturday, June 7th, 17: 13-00: 15
◎ Location: Online (Zoom)
◎ Participation fee: Free
◎ Theme: "TourismHow can it lead to the career advancement of foreigners? "

【way to participate】
If you apply using the application form below, the Zoom URL will be sent to you by email. (You can download the Zoom app or join with a web browser. * No account registration required)
Participation application form
: https://forms.gle/9Hy1VsVVbWWGhNGt8

There are also Facebook events, so it would be greatly appreciated if you could press "Participate" in the Facebook event and share the event!Thank you!
Access : https://fb.me/e/1Kygit5oW

[Inquiry method]
To the email of the Future Creation Division (miraimog.staff@gmail.com).
If you have any interest, don't hesitate to contact us!

At the end of the talk session, the "Matching Project for Foreigners x Minamioguni Town Business Operators" currently being prepared will be officially announced.

We look forward to your participation!