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| Notice | Feel the season in 3 Aso! "North Aso Photo Contest 2021" will be held!Stamp rally is also underway!

The three towns and villages of Oguni Town, Minami Oguni Town, and Ubuyama Village are planning to hold stamp rallies and light-up events in collaboration with the three towns and villages as "North Aso" because they are "Aso closest to Fukuoka".As part of this, we have decided to hold a photo contest in 3 towns and villages this time.

You can apply for each town and village, and the winners will get an assortment of special products from each town and village!

By all means,A special pieceI would appreciate it if you could post.

Outline of Photo Contest

How to post to Instagram
① Follow the photo contest account (Please check the account from the link below)
☆ Oguni Town (ASO Oguni Tourism Association)
☆ Minamioguni Town (Minamioguni Tourism Association)
☆ Ubuyama Village (Ubuyama Tourism Association)
② Please post a photo with your Instagram account.When posting a photo, we would appreciate it if you could attach a hashtag "#" that matches the area where you took the photo.
☆ Oguni Town "# North Aso Photo and Oguni'
☆ Minamioguni Town "# North Aso Photo and Minamioguni'
☆ Ubuyama Village# Kita Aso Photo and Ubuyama'

Application period
2021 year 10 month 1 day to 2022 year 2 month 13 day
■ Notes on entry
· Please be sure to post pictures taken by yourself, or photos with copyright.
· If you see a person in the photo, please get permission before posting.
・ When the copyright, moral rights, and portrait rights of the submitted work belong to the Kita Aso Tourism Council (Oguni Town, Minami Oguni Town, Ubuyama Village) and are used free of charge as PR for this site or the Kita Aso area. There is also.
・ If it is a photo related to the autumn / winter season, you can apply even if it was not taken this year.
· Do not shoot in the no-entry area.
· Photographs taken in the no-entry area will be excluded from the awards.
Result announcement
Scheduled for late March 2022.
· After the application period is over, we will decide the winner after strict judgment.
· Because I will contact you using Instagram's direct message function, please be sure to follow the official account.
・ If you do not give your consent within one week after contacting us, you will not be eligible for the award.
· After winning, when the illegalities etc. of the winner are discovered, the right may be lost.
■ About prizes
★ Grand Prize 3 people: 1 person for each town and village.Assorted special products set worth 15,000 yen (equivalent to 5000 yen special products x sent from 3 towns and villages) will be presented
★ 21 prize winners: 7 people from each town and village.Assorted special products worth 5,000 yen as a gift
■ Organizer
Organizer: Kita Aso Tourism Conference
■ View posted photos

Examples of photos in each area

Here are some examples of spots that have been set!A hot spring village with the steam of Oguni Town.I hope you can enjoy the hot springs as well as taking pictures during the season when the hot springs are comfortable.

Scenery of cosmos and sea of ​​clouds in Higotai Park in Ubuyama Village

Power spot in Minamioguni Town Oshitoishi no Oka

■ To the end

The northern Aso area where you can enjoy the spectacular view of Aso and the scenery of Satoyama.I would like you to keep it in your memory, but I would appreciate it if you could keep it as a record and apply for one of them.If you have any questions about the photo contest, please feel free to contact the secretariat!
(Secretariat: Minamioguni Town Tourism Association Contact: 0967-42-1444)
Entry from everyone, I am waiting from the bottom of my heart! !

Currently being held at the same time!Kitasato Shibasaburo Stamp Rally

Dr. Shibasaburo Kitasato, who was also selected as the portrait of the new 2024-yen bill in 3.Actually, I am from Oguni Town.A stamp rally is being held in the Kitasato area for Dr. Shibasaburo Kitasato's new banknotes.If you stamp and post at the stamp spots set for each of the three towns and villages of Oguni Town, Minami Oguni Town, and Ubuyama Village, 1 people will be selected by lottery for an assortment of special products!

The back of the leaflet looks like this.We hope you enjoy Kita Aso along with the photo contest.

◾ Stamp rally overview
Period: October 2021, 10-November 1, 2022
Location: Oguni-cho, Aso-gun, Minamioguni-cho, and Ubuyama-mura
(Roadside Station Oguni Yu Station, Minamioguni Town General Product Center Kiyora Casa, Ubuyama Ranch)
Freebie: Assortment of special products worth 60 yen will be presented to 5000 people by lottery