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[Limited time from 6/14 to 12/31! ] Enjoy Aso / Kurokawa Onsen at a great price!Introducing "Kurokawa #Yukatakidori" which is a set of yukata rental, hot springs and gourmet

Hello! It is Koji of SMO south small country editor in chief!

2021 years 6 month 14 date (month)At "Kurokawa Onsen", a hot spring resort that is famous nationwide and represents Minamioguni"Kurokawa # Yukatakidori"Begins!

This "Kurokawa #Yukatakidori" was held last year, and it was so popular that some people came to Kurokawa Onsen for this reason! !! !!

Also, the content of the photo contest being held at the same time has been upgraded from last year, and it seems that the number of prizes is increasing ... ♡

By the time you finish reading this article, you may have written the schedule for going to Kurokawa Onsen on your schedule ... Then please read it to the end \ (^^) /


In the first place, what is this cute naming event? !!Is briefly introduced.


If you purchase the designated pamphlet for 2021 yen per person from June 6th (Monday) to December 14st (Friday), 12Yukata rental, hot spring, gourmetA very good event to enjoy!In addition, a photo contest will be held at the same time during the period.Winners will receive luxurious prizes such as accommodation vouchers worth up to 5 yen and gift certificates worth 1 yen!This is an initiative where you can fully enjoy Kurokawa Onsen while eating and walking while wearing a fashionable colored yukata.

Besides the content of the event, what impressed me was the price ...!

Usually, yukata rental is 1,500 yen, drop-in hot water is around 500 yen, and if you eat gourmet food, you spend around 500 to 1,000 yen.Where it costs about 3,000 yen in total2,000 Yen? !! !! How conscientious (;_;)!

I really want everyone to experience this ...!So, "Kurokawa #Yukatakidori "I will introduce you specifically about this!

■ First, buy a pamphlet

To enjoy Yukatakidori, firstBuy brochureIt starts with doing!That's because this pamphlet includes all the redemption tickets for yukata rental, bathing, and gourmet food!

(* The photo is from last year)

Where can I buy it? The inn association in the center of Kurokawa Onsen,

(If you go toward the arrow, there is a staircase that goes down!)

"Bechinkan (Kurokawa Onsen Tourism Association)Can be purchased at!

(Please note that you cannot purchase at the inn association)

You can purchase brochures and rent yukata here.

Give your staff a yukata rental ticket and choose your favorite yukata.

■# Yukatakidori Part XNUMX: Yukata Rental

Yukatas that can be rented are available in various sizes! Both men and women can choose from S to LL!

Anyway, the yukata for women has cute colors ~ ♡

By the way, you can choose two types of obi, one that you can tie yourself with the making obi.

Yukata for men is simple and cool!

Please be assured that there is a dedicated changing space in the break room next to the Becchinkan for changing clothes.

(*In the changing room, there is also a procedure for dressing Yukata!)

There is also a locker with a key, so you can leave your bulky luggage here!

(*You can get the key at the reception desk of Becchinkan. Please manage your valuables yourself.)

Setta also has the Kurokawa Onsen logo!Put on this and start!

■#Yukakiki No.XNUMX: Let's take a hot spring!

I came to Kurokawa Onsen, so I have to go in!Hot springs!

Every hot spring has a different taste and is truly healed. By the way, you can take one bath with one ticket!

A nearby ryokan in the hot spring town is also good,

You can go to a ryokan a little far from the hot spring town for a walk,

There is a map of ryokan where tickets can be used in the pamphlet, so select from there and go to the ryokan you care about!

■#Yukakiki No.XNUMX: Eat local gourmet food!

The pleasure of traveling is, of course, "eating around". What a place where you can use gourmet tickets this time...15 houses!!!

I was really surprised that the range of gourmet foods that can be exchanged! !! !! in any caseWide!!!

Ice cream made from jersey milk, a special product that makes you happy after taking a bath,

A drink you want to drink when you want to refresh,

Local cuisine Takana Meshi (or egg udon), which is perfect for satisfying hunger,

The compatibility with the yukata and the SNS set (or soft ice cream) that can be expected to look good on SNS etc...

It's like a magic ticket to be able to exchange for so many gourmet foods. ..

The pamphlet comes with two gourmet tickets, and the number of tickets exchanged varies depending on the product, so please check the pamphlet for details!

■ A photo contest will be held at the same time!

You can wear a yukata that you don't usually have the chance to wear! Why don't you take a picture of your memory and post it on Instagram (*^^*)? !!

Click here for how to apply for the photo contest!

XNUMX. XNUMX.Follow Kurokawa Onsen official Instagram account
XNUMX.Post images taken at Kurokawa Onsen with the hashtag "#Yukatakidori" for photo contest application
XNUMX. XNUMX.Be sure to shoot with the person wearing a yukata as a model in honor of Yukata Kidori

that's all!It's really easy to apply!
* Please check the official website for notes and detailed application methods and conditions.

If you win the prize with this, you can get a luxurious prize (;_;) I'm so happy (;_;)♡

"But I don't know where to take a picture ..." Good news for you! !! !!

Like this, the recommended photo spots are posted in the pamphlet along with the map \(^^)/♡

It is not an exaggeration to say that it is the No. 1 photo spot in the Kurokawa Onsen town.

At "Ikoi Ryokan," which has a charming atmosphere,

At the "Jizo-do," where the Jizo who appear in the anecdote of "Kurokawa Onsen," which is the origin of Jizo, is enshrined.

No matter where you are, there are so many spots that you want to copy and shoot!

Of course, you can also welcome your photos at your favorite spots \(^^)/ This makes you want to take a walk around various places in Kurokawa Onsen~♡

■ Conclusion

This "Kurokawa #Yukatakidori" is a project that was held many times because the shops in Kurokawa Onsen wanted to visit not only the hot springs but also restaurants and souvenir shops. That's right (* ^^ *)

Actually, I also wanted to take a picture last year, and I have taken various pictures! !!

At the recommended spot "Noshiyu" published in the Yukatakidori pamphlet, you can see pictures like this

Pictures like this on the roadside of the hot spring town ...

There were only spots where you could take pictures everywhere, and it was really fun to take pictures \ (^^) /!

By all means, everyone should wear a yukata and tour the emotional hot spring town to enjoy delicious gourmet food and hot springs!

[Details of Kurokawa #Yukakiki]
■ Schedule
May 2021- June 6, 14
■ Brochure fee
One person 2,000 yen (tax included)
■ Where to buy brochures
Kurokawa Onsen Bechinkan
Address: 6595-3 Manganji, Minamioguni-machi, Aso-gun, Kumamoto
(Reception hours 10:00-16:00)
■ Contact Us
Kurokawa Onsen Tourism Association TEL: 0967-48-8130
(Reception hours 10:00-17:00)
■ Official page