The popular soba restaurant in Aso and Minamioguni has been reopened!Introducing "Soba Kaido Kagoan" standing in the forest

Hello! This is the SMOMO editorial department ♪ This is Inohara!
Minamioguni is getting hotter and hotter these days.I can't wait for summer, as the rainy season is about to end (^^)

By the way, this time I heard that the soba restaurant "Hanagoan" in Minamioguni-cho has renewed the inside of the shop, and I immediately stopped by!

Introducing the renewed Hanagoan!

Arrived at Hanagoan!A calm atmosphere surrounded by a lot of greenery.

I will bother you from the wonderful entrance!

When you open the door, you will find the waiting room.What used to be with the accounting space has been renewed to the waiting room only!

And there is a dining space in front of the waiting room.This was also a tatami room before, but now it has two patterns: table seats and raised seats ♪

There are many things in Hanagoan's store that are nostalgic and sometimes pungent.

It's also fun to take a closer look at the store until the soba comes.

Let's have soba ♪

This time I felt like InoharaYamakake soba(1,000 yen) ”!

It was a little chilly on the day of the interview, so I chose a warm one, but in the coming season, I also recommend cold soba noodles.
The soup stock is great, but the soba is really delicious! !!The scent of soba is irresistible! !! !!

This is the recommended menu for the summer, "Summer Umakamon Soba(1,800 yen) "!

It is a luxury set where you can enjoy the popular menu of Hanagoan at once!A dish where you can enjoy the cool tororo soba that you want to eat in the summer, the tempura of Maitake mushrooms, which is a specialty of Minamioguni-cho, and the mustard mustard of Aso!

Even so, it goes without saying that soba is delicious, but it should be noted.tempura.
Hanagoan-san's Maitake mushroom tempura ...

Behold, thisDe-ka-sa! !! !!(Lol)
Soba plus alpha is a satisfying set, so if you want to eat full, please try it!

Directions to Hanagoan

If you drive on National Route 212 from Minamioguni Town toward Aso, you will find the entrance to "Soba Kaido".When you go through the entrance, you will see this signboard in front of you!

Soba noodles in the forest ... Certainly!Lol

Continue on the mountain road ...Ah!I found a signboard in such a place!

If you go on a mountain road, go on! !!Signboard again!Only 1km left!

On the way, I'm worried about "Is there really a store in the future?", But it's okay!

There is a signboard in a place where you may be at a loss, so please rely on it and continue on the mountain road.

in conclusion

How was Hanagoan-san (* ^^ *)?

There is no doubt that you can enjoy various soba noodles such as the classic Zaru soba (800 yen) and the Tonkatsu soba (1,300 yen) that you don't often see at other soba restaurants!

Please come and visit us!

【Basic information】
Store name: Soba Kaido Kagoan
Address: 2862-3 Baba, Minamioguni-machi, Aso-gun
Telephone number: 0967-42-0193
Business hours: AM 10-PM 5
Regular holiday: Wednesday