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Fresh vegetables, souvenirs, cafes, lunch boxes and even playsets! ??Introducing "Minamioguni Town General Product Center Kiyora Casa", which is full of surprises and excitement!

Recently, when I resumed yoga after a long time, I am addicted to SMOMO editorial department Inohara ♪ It is difficult to go out due to corona, but I want to keep in mind daily exercise (о´∀`о)

Now!In this special feature, I would like to introduce Kiyora Casa, a general product building in Minamioguni Town!

What is "Kiyora-casa"? ??

By the way, what is "Kiyora-casa" in the first place?
What does "Kiyora" mean by "Kasa"?

"KiyoraIsBeautiful and beautifulWords born from
And "Casa""Casa" which means "house" in LatinI'm coming from.

It is this "Kiyora Casa" that handles vegetables, processed products, and souvenirs born in the "Kiyora" town!

Was that the case ...!Now that I understand the meaning of Kiyora-casa, I immediately go straight to the site! !! !!

What can I buy at Kiyora Casa?I wandered around the store ♪

A product building with a pyramid-shaped roof along National Route 212 near the Minamioguni Town Hall"Kiyora Casa".

This time, I tried to find out what I could buy at Kiyora Casa.

Speaking of product hall!After all it is "fresh vegetables".

At Kiyora Casa, local farmers come to ship directly every day, so you can get fresh vegetables harvested in the morning!Sometimes there are rare vegetables that aren't on the market very often!

A huge cabbage that suddenly appeared in front of me while I was searching ...! !! !!

With this size1 yen per ballSurprisingly cheap ...Housewife Inohara is a perfect word ...In addition to this, various seasonal vegetables are sold at reasonable prices!

There are plenty of herbs that are active on the table ♪ Of course, all are locally produced!There are pops on how to use each, so it's easy to understand ♡

Next, we will visit the cool corner where refrigerated and frozen products are lined up.

This is Kumamoto's specialty!Horse sashimi!You can take it home in a frozen state, so you can feel like Kumamoto at home.

If you come to a small country, you have to eat this too!Rich ice cream using "Jersey milk" which is also a special product of Oguni!

In addition, there are also items that can only be bought here, such as seasonings (yuzu pepper, miso) made by local mothers and processing groups!

In addition, there are sausages from "Hibari Kobo", which is extremely popular in Aso, and the lineup is abundant!I'm surprised!

The soy sauce made by a local tofu shop that the editor-in-chief Kaji-chan, who was exploring with me, pushed "It's delicious!"

It's a versatile seasoning that goes well with tofu, sushi, and simmered dishes!It's a strong ally of housewives ♪

Next is the liquor corner.

What a rareTaro shochuDiscover what will be! !! !! !!Contrary to its rugged appearance, it is surprisingly fruity and easy to drink!Please try the taro shochu "Imosha" from Minamioguni.

And Minamioguni, which is also the place of rice.Of course, it seems that rice is also sold!

I found a compact package of 2 rice from Minamioguni ♪ I'm glad that the size is easy to take home (^^) / (It seems that you can purchase it in kilograms!)

We also have a full lineup of boxed sweets for souvenirs.There are various boxed sweets, so you can choose as much as you want ~ ♪

Also, I found not only ingredients but also seasonings in supermarkets!

It was the strongest lineup for those who enjoy camping and BBQ! !! !!

Introducing the "Casa cafe" in Kiyora-casa!* Currently closed *

There is also a cafe in the building where you can relax and relax!

The cafe is open every Thursday to Sunday, and you can freely use it as a break space except on business days. \ (^^) /

Here is a popular menu at such a Casa cafe!

● Aso Oguni Pork Curry (800 yen)
A curry with lots of love handmade in the kitchen ♪ Using Oguni pork raised in the neighboring Oguni town, it is a dish that can be eaten by children and adults because it is mildly spicy.

This is full of volumeB ・ L ・ T (500 yen)!! (Bacon lettuce tomato sandwich) It's nice to be able to eat it with one hand ♪

In addition, we used fruits, etc., mainly from Minamioguni.Special software (4 types / 500-600 yen)There was also ♡ (The photo is blueberry)

At Casa cafe, you can find everything from light meals using local ingredients to sweets!

You can eat slowly or take a short break.You can use it in various ways according to your time (^^) /

> Next page: There are more!Introducing Kiyora-casa's Arekore (Introduction of lunch boxes and playset)

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