The popular sweets are finally in Minamioguni! ??What is the rumored "Japanese Maritozzo" at Kurokawa Onsen? Introducing "Dorayaki Specialty Store Dorayaki"!

Hello everyone!
It's the season when iced coffee is delicious ☆ Recently, I'm Inohara, the editorial department of SMOMO, who is an ice cafe au lait with one hand. (Lol)

Now!This special feature is a dorayaki specialty store in Kurokawa Onsen."Doradora"Mr. is!

As the title suggests, the rumored "Maritozzo" ...Japanese style version? !!I heard that there is, and went immediately!

The place is around here!

Located in the center of the hot spring town, just leave the parking lot of Fureai Hiroba (Ryokan Association) and turn once!You can reach it in about XNUMX minutes on foot.

What kind of "Japanese-style Maritozzo" can you meet ... Stay tuned! !! !!

I visited Kurokawa Onsen Igozaka "Doradora"

"Dora Dora" is the only one in MinamioguniDorayaki specialty store.

When I stood at the entrance of Igozaka, I could see it immediately!It's a nice Japanese-style shop ♪

As soon as you go down the hill, you will arrive!This shop, which stands in the middle of Igozaka, is "Doradora" ☆

Noren with impact is eye-catching ♪ What if this product ...?Discovered as soon as possible! ??Is this Japanese-style Maritozzo? ?? !! ??

When you enter the shop, the inside view is THE ☆ Japanese style!There is a sense of unity with the appearance, and a calm impression ♪

There are cute accessories with a handmade feel around the checkout ♡ It's nice to be able to make cashless payments! !!

The dorayaki here is not made from what was made at the factory.Handmade one by one at the shop!
Take the time and effort to make each one carefully by hand ...!This can be said to be the best feature of Mr. Doradora.

Let's eat "Japanese Maritozzo ?! Dora Dora Burger"!

This is"Dora Dora Burger".
This time, the new taste that will be released in July this year"Black soybean kinako"I will!

Dodon! !! !!This is"Japanese Maritozzo"That's it! !! !! (I was already spoiled by the goodwill, lol)
Cream Daifuku is sandwiched between dorayaki with plenty of bean paste.Volume perfect score!

When you eat a bite, it smells amazingKinako!! !! !!The flavor is so strong that you can't feel it with ordinary kinako!This is a surprise (° o °)! !! !!

And this is the shop's classic popular "Jersey"!The mellow and rich taste of jersey milk is the strongest match with bean paste! !!
I'm convinced that this is a classic and popular ...!

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