[Event information] Start on August 8st!The prize money is 1 yen!About holding a real treasure hunt event "The Most Beautiful Villages in Japan de Treasure Hunt".

Even if it is a corona disaster, the event "Real Treasure Hunt" will be held again this year, where you can enjoy the area while minimizing contact with people.

The story is very simple, let's find the treasure based on three clues.

If you actually visit Minamioguni Town and Takamori Town, solve the mystery while looking at the treasure map, and find the treasure box, go to the discovery report.For those who are foundAssortment of special products worth 1 yen for 30 person and 60 yen for 5000 people by lotteryPresent!

Click here for the inside of the treasure map.You can't tell at all by just looking at this, but if you solve it while searching for hints etc. locally, you will find the answer and feel good.

Please enjoy "real treasure hunt" when you go out in the summer.

Event Outline
Holding period: August 3, 8rd year of Reiwa-October 1st, 3rd year of Reiwa
Venue: Minamioguni-cho, Aso-gun and Takamori-cho, Aso-gun
Participation fee: Free
Treasure map Obtained from: Minamioguni Town Tourism Association, Takamori Town Tourism Exchange Center, etc., distributed at tourist facilities and accommodation facilities in Minamioguni Town and Takamori Town
▼ Click here for the special site

By the way, Minamioguni Town and Takamori Town from summer to autumn have high altitudes, so you can spend a cooler time compared to urban areas.There are many spectacular spots, so please stop by while solving the mystery.
[Takamori Town] Takamori Yusui Tunnel Park.The inside of the tunnel is very cool.

[Takamori Town] Kamishikimi Kumanoza Shrine.It is covered with trees and the shade is cool.In the back of the hall of worship, there is a large rock with a hole called "Kotoiwa".

[Takamori Town] Takamori Cedar.Sugi, which is over 400 years old, is a hot spot now.

[Minamioguni Town] Kohagiyama Inari Shrine.From the shrine on the hillside of Mt. Kohagi, you can see Mt. Aso in the distance and it is a superb view.

[Minamioguni Town] Oshitoishi Hill. You can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view of the meadow.

[Meotodaki] This is the place where the two rivers meet.