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Take a break while visiting the hot springs.Lots of delicious and cute!Introducing the popular sweets shop "Shirotamako" at Kurokawa Onsen

Hello everyone!
I'm Inohara, the editorial department of SMOMO, who has a terrible heat. (T ^ T)

It looks like the hot days will continue ... There is a special shop where you can feel the coolness at that time!

Shiratama specialty store along Shimokawabata Street in Kurokawa Onsen"Shirotamako"San!

A nice sweet spot with red goodwill as a landmark!

The place is around here.Close to the inn association!

I went immediately!

● It's hot outside!Enter the store! !!

The inside of the store has a calm atmosphere.There are a lot of cute accessories and it's wonderful! !!

I found a frog eating dumplings!
Insanely cute ... I want to take it home ... (laughs)

There are many seats in the store, so even if you come to the store with your family, you can sit comfortably!And there are also measures against infectious diseases!

From inside the store, you can hear the murmuring of the nearby river!The sound is also cool ♪
A little nostalgic atmosphere is nice ... ♪

● I ordered the recommendation of "Shirotamako"! !!

● Chilled white ball
Recommended by "Shirotamako"Chilled white ball.
This time with Inohara ChoiceKinakoBlack honeyI asked for two types of ♪

Shiratama is a bowl of ice watercold~!The texture is also very chewy! !!
It is said that XNUMX% of Aso glutinous rice ground with a stone mill is used!

Speaking of soybean flour, there is no doubt that it goes well with it! !! (゜ ∀ ゜)

Next is Toro-ri Black Mitsu!
The combination of black soybean flour with a modest sweetness and a refreshing aftertaste is arguably the strongest combination ♪ Winner!

● Ice white ball
And this is also recommended when it's hot ♡ You can choose ice cream ♪
Inohara's choice, this time in vanilla (о´∀`о)

I also had matcha after a meal!Refreshing aftertaste!
My son (9 years old) who accompanied me this time also said "It's delicious" (laughs).
After all sweet things attract men and women of all ages!

● Choose souvenirs when you are full!

After filling your stomach and soul, stop by the souvenir corner!

The souvenir corner welcomed you as soon as you entered the store!
From original black honey, red bean paste, shiratamako and other foods to cute tableware ...! !!
As a souvenir, there is also a handmade set of white balls!You might be able to reproduce the taste of the shop at home! ??

● Directions to Shirotamako

From the parking lot in front of the inn association (Kaze no Ya), first aim for "Goto Shoten"!The banner of the beautiful woman after the bath is a landmark!

Passing Goto Shoten, it is on the immediate leftIgozakaI will go down.It's unexpectedly sudden, so be careful not to fall ~ (^ ◇ ^;) (laughs)

In the middle of Igozaka"Doradora"Can be seen ~ ♪

After going down the slope, you will arrive at Shimokawabata Dori.Let's move to the left!

It doesn't turn anywhere and goes straight.

If you pass the shooting sign on your left ...

I saw! Signboard of "Shirotamako"!Arrived in about 5 minutes on foot from the parking lot (о´∀`о)

● Conclusion

We introduced "Shirotamako", a healing space where you can feel the coolness!
The Shiratama-ko used is XNUMX% domestically produced, and it seems to be chewy and can be eaten as much as you want ♪

The menu is abundant, and it is a sweets shop that adults and children can enjoy!Please come with your family or couple (^^) /

I will go to eat another menu! (smile)

【Basic information】
Store name: Shirotamako sweet tea shop
Address: Minamioguni-machi, Aso-gun Minomitsuji 6600-2
Phone number: 0967-48-8228
Business hours: AM 10-PM 16 minutes 30 minutes
Closed: Wednesday