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NO Dense and dense nature experience!Super easy outdoor "chairing" that can be started at low cost!Introducing 5 recommended spots in Minamioguni!

Hello! This is Junji from the SMOMO editorial department!
At the Tokyo Olympics held the other day, there were a lot of highlights such as newly adopted competitions!I was able to see the activities of many Japanese national team players!

So, after the new competition!This time is a new competition in the outdoor world ⁉︎"Chairing"It is an introduction.

● What is chairing?

You can go out with only outdoor chairs, place them in your favorite places such as parks and waterfronts, take a break, and relax.The lowest threshold outdoor activityThat.

There are many outdoor activities such as camping, mountain climbing, and fishing, but all of them carry a lot of luggage and cost money ...
I think many people are hesitant.

Recommended for you!You can do it if you have a chairNo.1 Easy outdoor "chairing"!

I'm usually the representative of Japan at home5 Recommended Chairing Spots You Can Experience in MinamioguniWe will introduce you!

Keeping your social distance and enjoying nature, you can take on the challenge of chairing!

-A large panorama of huge stones and grasslands!Oshido stone hill

Oshitoishi no Oka is a group of giant stones located in the Nakabaru area of ​​Minamioguni Town, in a corner of a vast 12-hectare Makino.It is a popular power spot with a panoramic view of the mountains from Aso to Oita!

Admission is 200 yen.Please pay at the reception next to the parking lot.

If you climb to the top of the hill,360 ° panorama!

There is a bench here, so you can chair it empty-handed.

Pleasant winds, sometimes gusts.
Feeling the powerful energy of nature, even if my hair is disturbed, my heart is mellow!

▼ Click here for details on Oshidoishi Hill