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I will be the King of Fortune!Good luck! !!Introducing "Fukuun Sansha Tour" in Oguni Township!

Wealth, fame, power
This is Junji from the SMOMO editorial department who has left everything in the world somewhere!

By the way, what are your dreams for the future?
I,billionaireis. (Half a joke)

Everyone has ever dreamed of such a dream in their lives!
"I wonder if I won the lottery ~ ⤵︎" "What should I use if I win ~ ⤴︎"
This is my specialty.

There are similar people, right?
Yes, you there!

For you, luck is awesome!And up"Oguni Township Fukuun Sansha Tour"Introduce!
This time, maybe we can get closer to such a big dream. !!

● What is Oguni Township Fukuun Sansha Tour?

Visiting Oguni Township Fukuun Sansha
Based on the case of the Edo period, it is a method of worship that is still practiced today.
Pray for lottery and invite good luck to the gods of the three Oguni shrines (Oguniryo Shrine, Keyaki Springhead, Kagamiga Pond), and collect the worship stamps provided at each place to pray for the three good luck companies. You can borrow the "fortune" that you put in.
It is said that having "good luck" will improve your fortune and fortune, and even in recent years, people who have benefited from it often come to thank you.

Source: Oguni Town Chamber of Commerce "Mysterious story of fortune and lottery"

It seems that it is a custom based on the legend that a person who visited three companies in the Edo period won the lottery (the current lottery)!... It's a dream-like story.

People's dreams! !!It's not over! !! !!

Immediately, to collect all the good fortune ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Departure! (Don't!)

● Introduction

First of all, please get the pamphlet necessary for collecting stamps before starting the tour of the three companies.
Pamphlets are set up at each of the three companies, so it's okay to start anywhere!

■ Pamphlet front and back

■ Fukuun Sansha Tour Map

I,Oguni ShrineStart the tour of the three companies starting from!

● Oguniryo Shrine

Oguniryo Shrine is said to have pioneered Oguni TownshipTakahashi Palace / Fire PalaceThe two pillar gods and Amemiya, who is also his mother, are enshrined as the main deities.
Especially Takahashi and Himiya"Thousands and millions of gods"Also calledLottery power spotKnown as

This is a classic Hatsumode spot for locals!There is also an Omikuji that everyone loves!
By the way, my fortune this year isDaikichiwas.We have been and will continue to be proud of it.

How to worshipCommon to all three companies.

<How to visit the three Fukuun shrines>
1. Make a donation.
2, two bows.Two beats.bow.
3. Please tell God your address, name, and request.

After worshiping, put it in the designated frame of the pamphletWorship stampPlease press.

This is the first step towards becoming a millionaire.
Involuntarily, the hand holding the stamp gets stronger ...!

【Basic information】
Spot name: Oguniryo Shrine
Address: Miyahara Oguni-machi, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture 1670
Contact address: 0967-32-8535

● Keyaki water source where the god of good luck is enshrined

Keyaki Springhead is about a 2-minute walk from both shrines.

This sign is a landmark.

Water springs from the roots of zelkova, which is said to be 1000 years old.Kumamoto Landscape Award in 23 for the beauty of the landscape"Water and Green Landscape Award"Was selected for.

The river that flows next to it is also calm.The duck is also pleased with the freshness.

The water god is enshrined near the pond.

Please follow the same procedure as for both shrines and don't forget to stamp them!

On the bulletin board in one section of the site,A lot of thank-you letters from people who have benefited!

… Did you understand?
This isGachi profitTo that.

【Basic information】
Spot name: Keyaki water source
Address: Mikihara Town Oguni-cho, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture 1684-5
Contact: 0967-46-2113 (Oguni Town Hall Information Division Commerce, Industry and Tourism Section)

● GOD OF Business prosperity Kagamigaike where Ebisu is enshrined

The last Kagamigaike is about a 3-minute walk from Keyaki Springhead.
The spots for visiting the three Fukuun companies areAll within a 5-minute walkIt's easy to move because it's located in!

This stone monument is a landmark for Kagamigaike.

It is said that the origin of Kagamigaike is that Emperor Daigo's grandson princess threw a mirror into the pond with 11 maids in hopes of reuniting with a loved one.

The legend of tragic love has changed, and now a woman in love throws coins and wishes for a reunion with a loved one ...!

A mirror and lots of coins are sunk in a mysterious, slightly bluish fountain.
Currently, the mirror in the fountain is a replica!

This is Kagamigaike, where many worshipers fulfill their love affairs, but in reality, it is the god of prosperous business.EbisuIs also enshrined!

Where are you?


! !

Ebisu-sama! !!
Welcome, Mr. Ebisu!
I was overwhelmed by the impact of Kagamigaike, and I almost passed through ...!

After worshiping firmly, the last worship stamp!
I was filled with good fortune, and I felt some leeway in my heart.

【Basic information】
Spot name: Kagamigaike
Address: Miyahara Oguni-machi, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture 1604
Contact: 0967-46-2113 (Oguni Town Hall Information Division Commerce, Industry and Tourism Section)

● After worshiping, let's go borrow "fortune"!

However, this is not the end of the tour of the three good luck companies!
Take one of the pamphlets with the worship stamp"Fukusen store"Please head to!
The "Fukusen store" is the following 4 stores.

・ Clip (1635, Miyahara, Oguni Town)
・ Yumeya (1678 Miyahara, Oguni Town)
・ Kodama Liquor Store (1685, Miyahara, Oguni Town)
・ Auntie (1680 Miyahara, Oguni Town)

In exchange for the "Fukusen Exchange Ticket" at the bottom left of the pamphletYou can borrow "good money".
* The number of coins is limited.

Rather than "getting" fortune, "borrowing" fortune from GodIt seems that the idea is
The shop staff said, "If there is something good, please give me the good money with a good story."

I keep the borrowed money in my wallet.
Imagine if I suddenly wear something gold in the near future. (Greed)

● Conclusion

How was the tour of the three Fukuun companies that you can enjoy in Oguni?
It's just two birds with one stone to improve your fortune while sightseeing!
I'm glad that all three companies are within walking distance!
What kind of fortune will come to me?

When you come to Oguni, be sure toFukuun Sansha TourPlease enjoy!