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20 minutes by car from Aso Minamioguni!A kitchen car will be available only on weekends and holidays at the site of Ogiya Observatory, a new scenic spot in Aso!

Hello. It is Morinaga in SMO South Aomori.
It's a nostalgic video from 4 years ago, but please take a look here first.
Aso is Aso, but where is this?Is it a place to put in normally?I think many people have wondered.

Actually, this is the site of the Ogiya Observatory, which until recently was a place that the general public could not stop by, but from May 2021 with special permission, "Aso" The kitchen car called "Bo-Sato" has started operations, and you can now enjoy superb views and light meals only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays when the weather is nice. * If Aso Bo-Sato is not open, you cannot enter.

● Click here for the location of the Ogiya Observatory site

Rice fields and Aso Godake seen over the valley.It is said that it came to be called the Ogiya Observatory because it looks like a picture when the fan is opened.

The entrance to the road from the large viewing side is a little difficult to see, but at the place where "Coco" is written small, turn right in the photo.

On the other side (when heading from the Yamanami Highway side to Daikanbo by Milk Road), there is a slightly larger signboard, so it should be easy to understand.

At the end of the turn, there is a road where one car like this can pass.When entering by turning left or right, if you turn without slowing down, it will be difficult to see the car coming out, so please try to enter slowly.

After a short walk, a kitchen car will appear.

The kitchen car is open from 10:16 to XNUMX:XNUMX on weekends and holidays when the weather is nice, but you cannot enter this place at other times.

Mr. and Mrs. Eto run the kitchen car.A person who was the chief of the fire department in the Aso area, he has been operating a kitchen car while managing the area on weekdays on weekdays and on weekends and holidays after retirement.

The menu is "Takanasen (300 yen)", which is a new type of delicious food sandwiched between Aso's octopus rice crackers, and "Tagosen (300 yen)", which is a delicious rice cracker sandwiched between rice crackers. In addition, there are many things you want to taste when you are hungry, such as rice balls (150 yen) and soft serve ice cream (400 yen)!The photo is "Aso Sandwich (400 yen)", which has a delicious homemade sauce that uses plenty of Aso tomato sauce.The light meals made with vegetables and rice grown by Mr. and Mrs. Eto are delicious enough to be visited just to eat them.

Personally, the "Ikayaki Senbei (400 yen)" was very delicious.

There is a way to go a little further from the space where the kitchen car is, and if you go here, you will reach the location of a certain commercial.

On the way, if you look in the direction of the big view, you can also see the "Snake Road (* I can't go through now)" which was a popular road for cyclists before.Only here you can see this serpentine path.

As you go deeper and deeper, you can see the Aso Godake that opens and spreads in front of you.

When you come to the back, you will see Aso Godake in front of you!Chairs are provided, so it is recommended to eat squid squid slowly here.

A new spot in Aso where you can only enter on weekends and holidays when the weather is nice.We would be grateful if you could drop by if you have the opportunity.

● Aso Bo-Sato Instagram is here