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Arrive at the summit in XNUMX hour from the Kusasenri parking lot!Feel free to climb!Recommended for climbing Karasuhatake.

Hello. This is Morinaga from SMO Minamioguni.Do you know this mountain?The mountain with a sharp top that spreads out in front of the Kusasenri parking lot is Mt. Karasuhata (only Eboshi).It is one of the five mountains of Aso and has an altitude of 1337m.It is a mountain that is also famous as a famous place for Miyama Kirishima.

It is also famous as a mountain where even beginners can easily enjoy mountain climbing.I sometimes see children with young children.The photo is just after entering the Karasuhatake mountain trail from the Kusasenri parking lot.The easy-to-walk road continues.

Mt. Eboshidake / king3000'SMt. Eboshi (Mt. Aso)Activity data | YAMAP / Yamap

This is the road I took this time.Looking at Karasuhatake from the Kusasenri parking lot, I climbed from the left side and came down from the right side.

If you walk a little, you will see a turning point like this.Karasuhatake ←, so turn left.

If you go a little further, you will see a turning point again.Isn't that narrow?It points in the direction of the narrow road, but it is the correct road.

The mountain trails are well maintained and wide enough for each person to pass.

If you walk a little, you can open it and see the scenery of Japanese pampas grass.

Looking back, the Aso Volcano Museum and Kusasenri look like this.It's a nice view.

There are some slopes, but it's about "I can't go with sneakers". * Not recommended.

The road continues so that one person can pass through.

There is guidance at the timing when you feel uneasy, so if you follow it, you will not get lost.

From the summit, you can see the crater of Mt. Nakadake, Mt. Kishima, and Mt. Ojo at once.Superb view!

Also known as Mt. Kunimi, you can enjoy the scenery on the Minamiaso side from the summit!

Looking toward Kumamoto City, it looks like this.

The direction of Kusachiri is like this.

Even small children can reach the top of the mountain!

You can go home without hesitation because the descent is also a straight road.

You can rest assured that the ropes are stretched and well maintained.As I noticed later, I felt that it was easier for the course to climb from the right side (the road I took on the return route) when viewed from the Kusasenri parking lot.

The mountain trail from the right side looks like this.

It is also very comfortable to walk in Kusachiri.

Karasuhatake can reach the summit in about an hour after getting out of the car.Please try climbing it.