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[Must-see for dam girls] Visiting dams within a 40-minute drive from Aso Minamioguni!Introducing the exquisite dam curry with plenty of vegetables and the kitchen car cafe next to the dam!

Hello! This is Kaji-chan, the editor-in-chief of SMOMO!

Nowadays, boys and girls are attached to all kinds of things such as herbivorous boys and sumo girls!

This time, one of them,"Dam girls"I would like everyone to read it.Dam special featureIs 👏👏

Actually, from Minamioguni Town40 dams within 3 minutes by carThere is also!Moreover, the dams are close to each other, so it's perfect for visiting! !! !!

This time, the dam girl of the SMOMO editorial departmentYasunonWe will also deliver an easy-to-understand explanation of.

and!In addition to dam information, we also introduce "dam curry" that can only be eaten here and spots where you can drink coffee while looking at the dam!Please read it 😊✨

● Shimouke Dam (24 minutes by car from Minamioguni Town)

First of all, it is the closest to Minamioguni TownShimouke DamDepart for!

Leave Kiyora-casa, a general product building in Minamioguni-cho, and continue on a narrow road ...

If you see this sign, it's a little more!Turn right from here and you will arrive at the dam.

◎ What is Shimouke Dam?

Shimouke Dam is cool! !!

Shimouke Dam"Arched concrete dam"It is a dam of the form called.It is called this because it looks like an arch when viewed from above.

Actually, this arch-type concrete dam is a very rare dam! !!Approximately 2700 dams have been constructed in various parts of Japan and play various roles in the region, but most of them are built in the form of "earth dams" and "gravity concrete dams."

Arch dams, which are only a few in Kyushu, are really rare.This arch dam is Japan's No. 1 Kurobe Dam (Toyama Prefecture).As a dam girl, I was so excited that I didn't know that there was an arch dam near here! !! !!The height of the embankment is 98m, which is a masterpiece, and you can enjoy the powerful scenery. [Commentary: Yasunon]

Even if you take a picture of the whole dam, it's very beautiful ...!And above all ...Big! !! !!

By the way, you can take the picture above by climbing this hill next to the dam entrance!

And speaking of dam"Dam card"!!The management office is just across the top of the dam!Get your card here!

A sticker saying "There is a dam card" on the door.When I opened this door and went inside, the friendly staff responded.Yasunon got the dam card safely while shining his eyes!smile

And Shimouke Dam is beautiful not only from the front but also from the back!Somehow, the appearance that you can feel the supple strength ...!

This back shot can be taken near a building called "Shimokekan", which is a little away from the dam!Turn left from this sign.

There is a parking lot when you go down a little from the signboard, so let's take a back shot from there 📷!

● Matsubara Dam (21 minutes by car from Minamioguni Town)

Next isMatsubara Dam!!Arrive in 7 minutes by car from Shimouke Dam!Go straight along the road.It's very close.

◎ What is Matsubara Dam?

Matsubara Dam"Gravity concrete dam"It is a type of dam called.Since the water pressure is supported by the weight of the dam itself, it is a dam with a thicker embankment than the Shimouke Dam.The Matsubara Dam is a road, but it is also a dam because the embankment is also used as a road.It's also interesting that locals have taken it for granted to pass here!
The Matsubara Dam plays a role in maintaining the river environment and as a water supply, so it seems that it is often discharged. [Commentary: Yasunon]

There is a management branch in the dam, and there is a little space to get out of the road, so take a commemorative photo there!

At the management branch here, you can get a dam card on the 2nd floor of the building.

Get the second dumb card! !! !!In addition, I received a "Dam Card Tour Map" that contains information on dams throughout Kyushu 🙌✨

Of course, this dam also took back shots!It's a little different from Shimouke Dam ...!It looked a little small when viewed from the front, but it looked very large when viewed from the back!

By the way, this photo crosses an arched bridge on the way from Shimouke Dam to Matsubara Dam, and there is a shooting spot next to that bridge!When going around from Shimouke Dam, it may be smoother to take a back shot first and then go 😊

● Oyama Dam (37 minutes by car from Minamioguni Town)

The endOyama Dam!!It takes 17 minutes by car from Matsubara Dam!This is also close!

◎ What is Oyama Dam?

Oyama Dam is the same as Matsubara Dam"Gravity concrete dam"It is a new dam completed in 2013 in the format called.

The dam has a good view from the downstream, so the height of the embankment is 94m, but it is quite powerful.Personally, the curvaceous beauty of the embankment from the "crest" part with four holes on the top is beautiful and fascinating.

You can see the sky through the crest, and depending on the season, you can see the sunset, what a romantic dam ... 😳 [Explanation: Yasunon]

This dam can be reached in the immediate vicinity of the release.

In addition, you can climb above the dam, and it is a nice dam that you can see from above and below!

Don't forget to get this, Dam Card!At Oyama Dam, you can get it at the adjacent management office.

Get the 3rd dam card!The card here had a description of the dam on the mount.You can get to know more about the dam and get a card!Thank you for dam beginners 😊

By the way, a statue of "Attack on Titan" is currently installed under the dam.The image of the "wall" that the dam is working on is the motif of the main characters looking up at the giant who has crossed the wall.It would be nice to take a commemorative photo here!

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