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[Must-see for dam girls] Visiting dams within a 40-minute drive from Aso Minamioguni!Introducing the exquisite dam curry with plenty of vegetables and the kitchen car cafe next to the dam!

● Introducing a companion for visiting dams!

Speaking of dams, yes!I want to eat it onceDam curry!

What, in front of Matsubara Dam"Restaurant Matsubara"You can eat it at 🍛!

The restaurant was very spacious with table seats and raised seats.

Here, we are particular about using ingredients and vessels from Oita prefecture, and it is said that the elderly people in the area share the vegetables they have grown for their homes, and the people in the area cook and serve them.

and!I fell in love with thisMatsushita Dam Curry (¥ 870)

"Matsubara Dam Curry" at two nearby dams "Matsubara Dam x Shimouke Dam".

The heavy embankment of Matsubara Dam and the beautiful arch of Shimouke Dam are beautifully reproduced!The Shimouke Dam has been reproduced up to the management office, and the art is fine!The location of the dam is the regular position on the river, which is a big hit for dam girls!It is topped with plenty of side dishes using colorful fresh vegetables 😊

Dam girls Yasunon, I was taking a commemorative photo.

After shooting, it's time to eat! !!It's kind of exciting to break the rice!smile

In addition, this window seat ... It's a special seat that is irresistible for dam lovers!

Because,You can eat dam curry while looking at the dam ...!It's a blissful moment.

And I, a dam girl apprentice,Chicken nanban (¥ 990)ate.

A gem of the restaurant's specialty, which is made by fried chicken thighs from Kyushu with raw eggs and soaked in special Nanban vinegar.Mild sour + juicy chicken feels like you can eat endless white rice ...!As for the side dish, I was full with plenty of vegetables!

By the way, various fresh vegetables that were sold from 100 yen before the cash register,

Various products such as Hita's pottery "Onta ware" were on sale.

I bought chopsticks and chopstick rests with cute patterns that were also used in the shop, and Yasunon bought Moroccan beans and went home!smile

Even though I was very satisfied with the dam curry, all the vegetables were delicious, the bowls were cute, and I could buy souvenirs, no need to say 🙌✨

<Basic information>
Address: 8492-1 Nishioyama, Oyamamachi, Hita City, Oita Prefecture
Telephone number: 0973-52-3110
Business hours: AM 11-PM 3
Closed: Tuesday

● Take a break looking at the dam.Introducing exquisite coffee

If you get tired of walking around the dam, take a break ☕

This is a kitchen car cafe in the free parking lot of Matsubara Dam!

that name as well,Stray CAFE.

It seems to be popular with bikers, and there are also regulars who often go there!

The owner of this cafe is open on weekends and weekdays when the weather is nice.

After ordering your own roasted coffee, they will brew one cup at a time.

Ice coffee (¥ 500)Order.Moderate bitterness is addictive ...!And a feeling of size that is perfect for a little breath!Drink coffee while looking at the dam ... It's a happy time to spend at a superb view cafe ~ 😊

▼ Check the official Instagram for business locations and opening hours!
@ nora.cafe_mobile

● Conclusion

How was the dam girls' tour of the dams? ??

Actually, I went around the dam for the first time after living for 29 years, but I was overwhelmed by the hugeness and strength, and I was impressed that I made this by hand, and I was impressed by the dam girls Yasunon from beginning to end. I was delighted to say that.

And as a result of looking around, this is just one word.

Dam is amazing.

When you travel to Minamioguni Town, please enjoy visiting the dams together 😊!

● Dam Girls MAP

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