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[Video introduction] A large collection of "rare gourmet" from Aso Minamioguni? !!Introducing giant garlic aiming for Guinness, Makomodake that does not look like vegetables, jumbo wild rice that is 3 times the normal size, etc. at once!

Hello!I'm Kaji-chan, an idol from Minamioguni Town!

It's been a while since this greeting was ...!I'm still an idol, so don't forget 😭 lol

By the way, this time we will introduce a number of "rare vegetables" that even residents of Minamioguni Town do not know, and three daughters who deliciously process home grown vegetables 😊!

◎ A gem that everyone in the know knows!Introducing the huge "Ogunin Niku"!

In this video, in Minamioguni TownSuper giant garlic "Ogunin garlic"Introduce!

How huge it is compared to regular garlic! ...... The power is amazing ...!

Because of its large size, the harvest is struggling!It really doesn't come out straight ... I don't even think about it ...!

While struggling with Max, I managed to succeed in harvesting ...!

This time, we will have a real meal with "Oden" recommended by producer I!

How is the combination of "garlic x oden" ...? !!

Mr. I, who produces garlic by himself, is aiming for the world's largest garlic, and hopefully one day he will aim for the Guinness World Records!Was said.

Thank you for your cooperation!

◎ Close to the secret of the mysterious and illusory ingredient "Makomodake" produced in Minamioguni!

In this video, in Minamioguni TownMysterious ingredient "Makomodake"Introduce!

... No, what is "Makomodake" in the first place? ?? It will be ...

it's here! !! Even if you say ..., I think most people don't come to the point.Lol

Even in Minamioguni, it is cultivated only in a few houses, and it only appears in stores for about a month in a year, so some locals don't even know it ...!

It is mainly used in Chinese food and goes well with various ingredients and seasonings, and it is actually a versatile vegetable!

This "Makomodake" is a plant of the Gramineae family and is a vegetable that eats the stem.

The edible part is white like this, and it feels a bit like asparagus ...!

This time, there are two ingredients!Eat Makomodake with simple dishes that anyone can do!

Thank you to all the producers "Sugita-kai", one of the few producers in Minamioguni, for their cooperation 😋!

◎ Introducing "Koubou Nanairo", which processes home grown agricultural products deliciously and nicely!

In this video, three daughters who produce, process, and sell agricultural products in Minamioguni Town."Koubou Nanairo"Introduce you!

This time, we will introduce carefully selected products from various processed products.

First of all, a very popular product of Nanairo Kobo!"Exquisite pickles" that express the four seasons of Aso using all the vegetables grown in-house!

Of course it is delicious to eat as it is, but this time I tried topping it on pizza!

Next is a seasonal product!Handmade "Chestnut astringent skin boiled" one by one using big chestnuts 🌰✨

The last is a new product!"Miso making kit" that can reproduce the taste of Satoyama at home!

I actually experienced making miso!

Max gets angry at something ...? !! !!Lol

(Did you see it even with Asakusa Kid ...)

Please take a look at the many exquisite Satoyama gourmet foods that make you hungry just by looking at them!

Thank you to everyone at Kobo Nanairo for their cooperation 😊!

◎ Big!good!cheap!Jumbo Maitake!

In this video, we will introduce the "Mushroom Center" where mushrooms and wood ear mushrooms are cultivated in Minamioguni Town!

How big is the Maitake mushrooms cultivated at the Mushroom Center?

If you put it side by side with Maitake sold at the supermarketAt a glance 👀! !! !! !! !!

Also, I was taught about the growth process and cultivation method that I can not usually see, and I was able to harvest it completely 🍄

and!After harvesting, I want to eat ...!So, I asked the representative of the Mushroom Center to teach me the recipe for exquisite Maitake mushrooms 😋!

Introducing two dishes, "Maitake Cream Pasta" and "Chinese-style Butter Stir-fried in Soy Sauce," which are so delicious that your cheeks will fall off when you eat them.

Max's superlative reaction "Umax!" Has also popped out! !! !!Lol

It comes with a recipe, so if you are interested, please try it!Thank you to everyone at the Mushroom Center for their cooperation 😊!

● Conclusion

Introducing videos about "food" in Minamioguni-cho at once 📺!

When you come to Minamioguni-cho, be sure to enjoy the exquisite gourmet food that is unique to Minamioguni-cho.

Also, if you want to eat but can't go out easily, you can purchase it directly from the company's official website, SNS, online shop, etc., so please see the explanation column of the video 😊

▼ YouTube channel "Kaj x Max's Nansan Yokabai!"