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[Limited time offer] "Yu Akari", a winter tradition in Aso Minamioguni Town, celebrating its 10th anniversary!Introducing the hot spring map and photogenic spots in the town!

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This time, we will introduce "Yu Akari", a winter tradition in Aso and Minamioguni Town!
The SMOMO editorial department has carefully selected the highlights of this year's hot springs and SNS shining spots, which are called "return to origin" on the 10th anniversary!

■ What is Yukari?

The light-up event "Yu Akari", which started on December 12, last year, is a winter tradition in Aso and Minamioguni Town.

As one of the landscape activities, a number of tubular lanterns and spherical temari lanterns made from thinned bamboo illuminate the hot spring town fantastically.It is a wonderful event that creates a beautiful landscape in the winter night sky.

The atmosphere is a little different from the glittering illuminations of the city.It's not flashy, but the gentle lights attract people.

It was mainly in the Kurokawa Onsen area, but since 2018 it has been held throughout the town.You can enjoy the sights that can only be seen there by elaborating the tastes of each region.

【Detailed information】
■ Duration
December 2021, 12 (Sat) -April 18, 2022 (Sun)
■ Time
Nightfall ~ around 22:00
■ Holding Area
・ Kurokawa Onsen Town
・ In front of Manganji Onsenkan (Manganji)
・ Dream Yunomae (Oda Onsen)
・ Yume Plaza (Nakahara area)
・ Kiyora Casa (Akababa district)
・ Gondo Charolais (Mt. Otani)

■ Akari with hot water that you can enjoy at the campsite! "Gondo Charolais"

A very popular campsite in the Otaniyama area "Gondau CharolaisA lantern is also installed in.

This is the only place where you can enjoy hot water while camping!

Coupled with the spectacular view of Aso from Gondo Charolais, it will surely be a memorable camp ♪

■ Hot spring light that you can enjoy while soaking in the hot springs! "Manganji Onsen"

"The most embarrassing hot spring in Japan"In the familiar Manganji hot spring areaKawawata.

It may be a little embarrassing, but this is the only place where you can see the hot springs while taking a hot spring bath.If you enter the hot spring while being illuminated by the light of the Temari lantern, your body and soul will be healed.

■ A piece of memory with friends and family. If you want to look good on SNS, "Oda Onsen"

Bamboo lanterns with various patterns are assembled in the Oda Onsen area.

Many lanterns that shine with individuality in each area will delight our eyes.

At Oda Onsen, people can enter the center of the lantern, so it's perfect for taking a commemorative photo 📷!Why don't you take a picture of your memories with your family and lover! ??
* The photo is one editor-in-chief

■ Akari, the hot spring that colors the Kurokawa Onsen town

A wide variety of lanterns are installed everywhere in the Kurokawa Onsen town.

No matter where you look, the scenery is different.You will never get bored.

And at the memorable 10th anniversary of Yukari, the bamboo lanterns in the middle of the river, which had been carried out in the early days, are back!You may be able to take more and more SNS-friendly photos in a different scene than usual! ??

This is the hot spring light of Akira Kurokawa, which has been installed since last year.Temari lanterns of various sizes float in the night sky and are very beautiful 😆
There are hot spring lights in various places in the hot spring town, so please check the official website of Kurokawa Onsen for details!

■ To the end

When it snows, you can take a different picture like this ☃
Why don't you enjoy the winter night in Minamioguni with your camera in your hand? ??