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[Latest information in the spring of 2022] Perfect for spring outings!There are lots of events such as carp streamer festival, steamed fortune, eco bag stamp rally!Delivering the latest news on Aso Oguni Kanedate Onsen

Hello! This is the SMOMO editorial department.
It's still cold days, but the trees are sprouting and I feel the arrival of spring 🌸

This time, I'm listening to the coming season of going outOguni Town Tourism Latest Newswill send!

◎ Oguni-machi, Aso-gun, Kanedate Onsen area

Kanedate Onsen is located in the northern part of Oguni Town, Aso District, on the border between Kumamoto and Oita Prefecture.

Many inns are lined up along the Tsuetate River that runs through the center, and the hot springs that rise from here and there invite the atmosphere of a hot spring.

This year, hereTsuetate Onsen is hotThat's it!From the classic festival, there are plenty of new ways to enjoy Tsuetate Onsen that have never been seen before 🎉!Please read it.

● The 42nd Tsuetate Onsen Carp Streamer Festival

❐ Tsuetate Onsen Carp Streamer Festival
Many of you may be familiar with the spring tradition of Oguni Town! ??

The famous event of Tsuetate Onsen, which has continued since 1980, isHeld every year from April 4st to May 1thIt has been held, and it is scheduled to be held on this schedule this year as well.
The colorful carp streamers floating in the Tsuetate River are a masterpiece 🎏

【Basic information】
The 42nd Tsuetate Onsen Carp Streamer Festival
Holding period: April 4st to May 1th (lights up from 5pm to 6pm)
Phone number: 0967-48-0206 (Tsuetate Onsen Tourism Association)
Location: Tsuetate Onsen, Oguni Town (Shimojo Tsuetate, Oguni Town, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture)
Parking lot: Yes (temporary parking lot will be opened during Golden Week)
* To prevent infectious diseases, stores will not be opened or other events will not be held during the period.
* Please enjoy after taking measures against infectious diseases such as disinfection, strict adherence to wearing masks, and avoiding crowding.

* Please use the red part of the parking lot

★ NEW ★ There is definitely something good to do if you steam it.

The footbath overlooking the Tsuetate River near the tourist association is decorated with colorful Tsuetate original towels, creating a tasteful space.You can also see the carp streamer I introduced earlier from here!

❐ Cane stand fortune 200 yen
And this is newly installed in this footbath spotFortune!!You can buy Omikuji with Gacha Gacha 😊 ・ ・ ・ Eh, you didn't write anything while saying Omikuji! ?? ??I think, don't worry!

This fortune isCharacters emerge by steamingThat's it!In various parts of the hot spring townSteaming placeLet's steam well and wait for fortune to come out 🔮

After steaming for about 10 minutes, the letters will appear ...!I was "Nakayoshi".There is only room for growth ...

By the way, the vegetables shown with the Omikuji can be purchased at the unmanned sales office near the steaming place 🍠 Please steam them together.

★ NEW ★ Stamp it while taking a walk and it's done! "Making original eco bags"

This is while steaming fortunes and ingredientsA perfect event for exploring the hot spring town!

To participate, first purchase a base tote bag at the Tsuetate Onsen Tourism Association.

❐ 1 yen per tote bag

Get a MAP with the stamp installation location along with the tote bag, and stamp it while strolling around the hot spring town ♨

By the way, the design of this stamp is by artist Kurumi Wakagi, and the shape and color are different in each place.

Click here for the finished product!The design changes depending on how you press the stamp and how many times you press it!

When you get home, you can apply a cloth and iron it to prevent the color from fading.

From now onSeasonal stampWill also increase.Why don't you visit many times and make a unique original bag 😊!

★ NEW ★ It's like a theme park 🐭! ?? "Find the cane!"

This is another way to enjoy walking around the hot spring town!The protagonist is the Yuru-chara from Tsuetate Onsen.Wand. "

Like this, the cane is quietly hiding everywhere in the city. (Sometimes there are bold children lol) The size is about one Yakult!This child sits down in the gym and gets attached to it ...!

I'm in an unexpected place, so it's as exciting as looking for a hidden Mi-o at Disneyland!

Look around the city 360 degrees up, down, left and right, and find the hidden wand!

By the way, these wands are handmade by local elementary school students and do not have the same shape.It's all unique, so it might be good to enjoy the difference in shape 👏!

On Instagram of the Tsuetate Onsen Tourism Association, it seems that hints are regularly given as to where Tsuetate is hiding.

In the future, different colors of wands will be released, and various events involving wands may be held.And that.
There is no doubt that it can be enjoyed by couples and families!Please look for a cane in the good old townscape 👀!

While strolling around the town, a cute cat wearing a knit in the back alley 🐱 There is such a wonderful encounter, and you can fully enjoy the Tsuetate Onsen area!

● At the end

Tsuetate Onsen Tourism Association Director: Junya Kawazu
"At Tsuetate Onsen, we are working on an event that conveys the charm of the region. We are gradually making progress toward reconstruction from the heavy rain of the 2nd year of Reiwa, which was severely damaged. Please come and visit us. I would like you to see how it will be reborn. We hope that you will continue to support Tsuetate Onsen, which will transform into an attractive area. "

We have delivered the latest information that you can enjoy Tsuetate Onsen many times if you know it!
Please take this opportunity to visit us 🚗💨

Shikade Onsen Tourist Association
TEL: 0967-48-0206
Address: 4173-5 Shimojo, Oguni-machi, Aso-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture
【Official HP】https://tsuetate-onsen.com/

* Please enjoy sightseeing after taking sufficient measures against infectious diseases!