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[Video introduction] Introducing the 5000 most popular products of "Kiyora-casa", which boasts more than 3 items in Minamioguni Town! (Winter ver.)

Hello! It is a chubby idol (self-named) Kaji-chan in Minamioguni-machi!

It's cold this winter too!When it's cold, rice and sake are delicious (normal operation)

I'm waiting for you to introduce this time!Kaji Max's Nansan Yokabai season2!

This time, we will introduce the 3 best-selling winter products of Kiyora-casa, the town's general product building!It's not fun just to do it,Confrontation with Max over a punishment gameDid!There is a battle that can never be defeated!

● I want to go there once!Deep dig into the kitchen "Kiyora Casa" in Minamioguni Town!

This time, the stage is "Kiyora-casa", a product building where all of Minamioguni Town is said to gather!

Can the two of them win three popular winter items from the approximately 2 items?
The rules are simple!Of the top three best-selling products in the product building, the one who wins two first wins!Ask Konosuke Aso, the manager of the product building, to announce the correct answer.

By the way, the punishment game is here "Carolina Reaper (Carolina Reaper)'
It's more spicy than Habanero, and it's the hottest food on the planet, no less than a noisy name!Why is such a thing Kiyora Kasa! ??

The punishment game is too apt, and the two people got excited!Why do you have to stretch your body so much! ??I definitely don't want to lose!I do not want to eat!

I choseDodeca Chinese cabbage like a babyIs the number one selling item and gets 1 point in advance!I'm not a local!

However, after this, Max got XNUMX point, and the game was in a stalemate with a draw ...

Which one ate the hottest food in the world! ??Please watch the video for the continuation you are interested in ♪

Kiyora Casa, a general product building, has all kinds of products from Minamioguni Town!If you're lucky, you might even have the hottest chili pepper in the world! ??
When you come to Minamioguni, please remember the video and stop by (^^ ♪

Minamioguni-cho Total Bamboo Museum Kiyora Kaasa
Address: Kumamoto Prefecture Aso County Minamioguni-machi Red Baba 1789-1
Opening Hours: Midnight 9 Hours ~ X PM XUMX Hours
Regular holiday: 3rd Wednesday of every month
Telephone number: 0967-42-1213