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Certified by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries as "Tsunagu Rice Terraces Heritage"!Deepen the charm of Aso Ubuyama "Ogi Terraced Rice Field"!Introducing the surrounding sightseeing spots where you can enjoy Ubuyama for a day (access to rice terraces and view spot information available)

Hello! This is the SMOMO editorial department.

Suddenly, do you know "terraced rice fields"?I think there are many people who have heard of it but have never actually seen it ... 🌾

↑ It is the original scenery of Japan where rice fields spread on slopes in the mountains.

In fact, Kumamoto Prefecture has many attractive rice terraces.Sanctuary of rice terraces in KyushuIt is!
In February of this year, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries highly evaluated the efforts such as excellent landscape and environmental conservation, inheritance of traditional culture, etc. for the terraced rice fields in 2 areas in the prefecture, and certified it as "Tsunagu Tanada Heritage".

● What is "Tsunagu Tanada Heritage"?
The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has selected rice terraces in 271 districts nationwide as rice terraces with excellent efforts to promote the rice terrace area ("Tsunagu Rice Terraces Heritage-Pride of Hometown to the Future").
In Kumamoto Prefecture, 11 regions of 17 municipalities have been selected, ranking first in Kyushu and second in Japan.

No way there are so many rice terraces in Kumamoto ...!I want to see this at a glance 👀✨!

So, next to Minamioguni Town, certified rice terraces in Ubuyama Village"Ogi Terraced Rice Field"I heard that there is, so I went immediately!

In this article, we will also introduce recommended routes and view spots to Ogi Terraced Rice Fields, sightseeing spots in the neighborhood of Ubuyama Village that you want to enjoy with the rice terraced rice fields, and lunch information.

If you read this, there is no doubt that you can enjoy the mountain village produced for a whole day!Please read to the end 🙇‍♀️

● Access to Ogi Terraced Rice Field

If you search on Google Maps, you will find a large number of routes. (Ogi Terraced Rice Field Map Code: 440 430 391 * 75 / ® DENSO Corporation)
It's possible to go on any route, but it's often tiring to get there because the road is extremely narrow and the asphalt isn't paved ...

Therefore!This time, I was taught by the Ubuyama Village Hall.Recommended routeI will go with 🚗
Click here for the route map.

Starting from the Ubuyama Village Hall, the number of turns is XNUMX times.If you click on a pin in the map, a photo of the corner is attached, so it is recommended to check in advance if it is difficult to understand!

The recommended route that you taught me is that you can go without hesitation because there are signboards like this at every turn 👍

When you come along the route, you will see the rice terraces on your right.If you go up a straight road to the top, you will find something like a small mountain. (Center of the photo)

There is a parking lot to the right of this mountain, so please climb to the top with the mountain as a landmark 💨

There is a space where about 10 cars can be parked here, so let's park here when visiting 🚗

(* Please note that there are no parking lot information signs on site)

If this parking lot is full, it is a 7-minute walk (500m) from Ogi Terraced Rice Field.Yamabushi water sourceIt seems that you can park in the parking lot!

There is no toilet in Ogi Terraced Rice Field, but you can use the toilet from Yamabuki Springhead.appreciated!

Finally,There is no public transportation or sightseeing bus to Ogi Terraced Rice Field, so please come by private car 🚙!

● Ogi Terraced Rice Field View Spot

Click here for the view from the view spot 👀!

This view can be seen from the small mountain next to the parking lot where the car was parked earlier ⛰

We will climb the narrow road for one person, which was made while the visitors were stepping on.

It's only a few tens of meters away, but the soil under your feet is quite slippery and the slope is steep, so shoes that are easy to walk in, such as sneakers, are safer!

After climbing with a little shortness of breath, this view ...!

It was cloudy on the day of the interview, but it's still beautiful ...!I thought I was tired from climbing the slope, but I feel like I forgot. (!?)

By the way, you can see it from the road under the small mountain, but it is recommended to see it from this mountain because it is difficult to understand the three-dimensional effect of the terraced rice fields if there are no cars passing by and the height is not high 👀✨

This time, I wanted to convey the charm of Ogi Terraced Rice Fields, and with the permission of the Ubuyama Village Office and the Makino Association, I flew the drone in the presence of the office!

Click here for the video 🎥

* It is prohibited to fly the drone without permission.If unauthorized aerial photography is confirmed, entry into the meadow may be prohibited.

Just looking at it makes me feel calm ... Rice terraces are wonderful 😭✨

This is a panoramic photo taken with a drone ✈️

If you look at it like this, you can see that it is surrounded by nature.The silhouette of Mt. Aso looks beautiful ... It's kind of inspiring!
(The rice terraces have run out a little because my drone's arm is ... sorry 😭)

● Take a walk around Ogi Terraced Rice Field

Ogi Terraced Rice Field is also a nice point to be able to see the rice terraced rice fields up close ☝️!
The appearance of the rice terraces is different from the scenery seen from above.You can also see the growth of rice 🌾

On the day of the interview, I met Mr. Kurogyu.It seems that Aka beef is also grazing!If you meet a cow, let's watch it quietly 🐂

Be careful not to fall in love with the rice terraces and inadvertently touch the electric fence ⚡️!

* No entry is allowed inside the terraced rice field fence.

By the way, I told you at the parking lot when the car was full."Yamabuki Springhead"Is also one of the wonderful tourist spots in Ubuyama.

It has been selected as one of the 30 Selected Waters of Kumamoto Prefecture, and it seems that XNUMX tons of water are springing up every minute!Surrounded by virgin forest, it has a fantastic atmosphere 🌿

Please enjoy with Ogi Terraced Rice 😊

【Basic information】
Spot name: Ogi Terraced Rice Field / Yamabuki Springhead
Address: (Ogi Terraced Rice Field) Ubuyama, Aso-gun 2621-8 / (Yamabuki Springhead) Ubuyama, Aso-gun
Phone number: 0967-25-2211 (Ubuyama Village Hall)
Business hours: All year
No regular holiday

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