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[Kita Aso Area Campground Guide] A healing campground where you can forget the hustle and bustle of the city!Introducing Higotai Park Camp Village, a mountain village where you can fully enjoy nature in permanent tents and comfortable lodges!

Hello, this is SMOMO editing unit.

Introducing the second stage of the North Aso area campsite 🏕️!

This time, Ubuyama village"Higotai Park Camp Village"I will introduce you.

A campground in Higotai Park where you can feel the wind of the plateau. It is a facility where you can enjoy not only free sites, but also permanent tents and lodges for solos, families, and with friends.
さ ら に,Day campI can do it too!Making memories is decided here 🌻✨

●The way to Higotai Park Camp Village

Start from Senomoto Kogen Rest House in Minamioguni Town!from hereTake the Yamanami Highway toward Aso!

After about 5 minutes,Signboard of Ubuyama Yamanosoenhere because there isTurn leftplease.Please be careful not to overlook the signboard as your gaze is slightly raised 👀!

Turn left and go about 100m, then againTurn leftis.Look for the Higotai Park Camp Village sign at the corner.

Along the way, there is such a scenic spot where you can see the five peaks of Aso…😳!On a sunny day, let's be healed by the scenery.

Basically to the campsiteone laneis.The road width is narrow and there are places where it is difficult to see oncoming vehicles, so please allow plenty of time and drive safely 🙆 ♀️!

After walking along the road for a while, you will come to an intersection with a large information sign.It's a little hard to understand, but hereFollow the sign to the rightPlease go

If you go a little further from the previous intersection, you will see a sign that says "Camp Village", so hereTurn leftGo down the slope.

As you go down the slope and follow the road,large Higotai objectBut!This is the entrance to the camp village!HereTurn left to arriveHere it is🚗💨

● Click here for reception

If you go straight from the entrance, you will see the one-story administration building.

Please register here.Payment can also be cashless with cash or paypay!

Starting with classic outdoor goods such as firewood, charcoal, and nets,

Alcohol and sweets are sold!again,Advance reservation requiredHowever, it seems that BBQ ingredients can also be purchased.

By the way, the "dried shiitake mushrooms" made in this camp village are popular as souvenirs🙌!

Items that can be rented include various camping goods such as tents and lights, and hair dryers are also OK😊

In addition to the reception and toilets, the facilities in the administration building include a shower 🙆‍♀️ (coin-operated 200 yen/10 minutes)

A washing machine is installed in this shower room.I'm happy for those who stay for a long time 👏!

●Introduction of the campsite

This is the entire map of Higotai Park Camp Village.

The campsite① Free site ② Tent village ③ Lodge villageis divided into areas ofLet's take a quick look around each site.

① Free Site & Forest Library

A free site up the slope from the administration buildingthere is!Up to 5 tents can be pitched here.Also, up to 2 campers can enter! *This site isNo open fireis.Please use a bonfire stand.

Behind the free site isForest library📚✨

Here you can read books and comics while looking at the forest,Emotional chill timeI can spend it 😏✨

And the library is equipped with a beautifully decorated women's restroom!It's nice to have a clean toilet nearby 😳

In addition, if you want to use the power supply, you can use an extension cord from this library or the administration building.Please check on site when using 💁💡

② Tent village (permanent tent)

A total of 10 green and orange permanent tents⛺!You don't have to set up your own tent, so it's a beginner-friendly campsite.

All of these are equipped with tables and stoves.

The inside of the tent is about 4 tatami mats wide and can accommodate up to 8 people.For bedding, you can rent a sleeping bag or futon at the reception!

The space in the valley is used well, and the tents are arranged so that they are dispersed.You can enjoy nature without worrying about the line of sight with a reasonable distance from the next tent 😊

① Free site and②Tent village facilities

There is a covered cooking building near the free site, with a spacious cooking space, stove, and water supply.

The toilet is across the road from the kitchen building.

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