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[Kita-Aso Area Campground Guide] Detox your mind and body while enjoying nature!Introducing Oguni-machi "Family Campsite Imonkoro", an auto campground that stands quietly in the mountains!

hello. This is the SMOMO editorial department!

Introducing the North Aso area campsite third step 🏕️!

This time, in Oguni Town"Family Campsite Imonkoro"I will introduce you.

Nestled quietly in the mountains of Oguni-machi, this is an auto campsite with a sense of unity with nature.
In addition, you can also do day camping, so it is recommended for those who want to enjoy the outdoors for a while 🌻✨

Please take a look at what kind of campsite it is 🙌!

●Access to the campsite

It seems that there are many cases where the "Imonkoro" introduced this time does not show the route even if you enter it into the car navigation system ...
Therefore, start GoogleMap etc. on your smartphone, or I will introduce it from now onRoute accessed from the national highwayis recommended 🚗

Start from the center of Minamioguni Town towards Kurokawa Onsen and OitaNational Route 442!Please come to the sightseeing spot "Meotodaki" as a landmark, and after walking about 200 meters to the left of the Meotodaki, you will come to a three-way intersection.

この"Farm Road Waita"Look for the sign that says.Take this three-forked road towards the bridgeTurn leftTo do.

Follow the farm road and you will see the "Oguni Woody Cooperative".After about 400 meters from there, you will see a sign that says "LITTLE COUNTRY" on the left hand side.

towards this signTurn leftTo do.

There is a small sign here!

If you turn left from the sign, there will be a left and right fork, so go thereTurn leftTo do.

For about 1.4 km from here, just follow the road!

There is also a guide signboard along the way, so it seems that you can reach it without getting lost.

It's a single lane all the way, so let's go slowly🚗

As you go through the trees, the road will open and you will find a sign!

Let's enter the campsite from here🏕️!

● Reception

The reception will be held in the administration building.It is located in the back of the campsite, so please complete the procedures here.

Firewood is also sold here.

Also, since it can be used for lighting, there are wooden chips of various shapes,

It seems that you can use it freely, such as extinguishing charcoal!This makes me happy 🔥

● Upper site

Imonkoro campsite has two sites, upper and lower, each with a different atmosphere.

First,upper siteIntroduction of

This is a site with 1 bungalow, 2 mini bungalows, and a children's playground in the center.

Here are two mini bungalows.They are built side by side and they look cute anyway 😳

Both come with a bungalow and a table and chairs with a roof.

Inside the mini bungalow is like this.There is a feeling of excitement as if you came to a secret base!This can be used by up to 3 people.

Next is a normal bungalow.

The inside is like this, so you can spend your time like you are at home 🏠 It can be used by up to 6 people!

There is one shared kitchen in the center of the upper site.There are no trash cans here, so be sure to dispose of your own garbage!

There is one separate toilet for men and women along with the mini bungalows.

There was also a place at the end of the upper site where you could throw away the remaining charcoal and ash!This is a nice piece of equipment

●Lower site

Next is the introduction of the lower site!

There are no bungalows here, and the space is not separated, so let's use it while making concessions 😊

The grass is fluffy.It makes me want to lie down 🌱✨ In order to protect this lawn, the campsiteDirect fire prohibitedis.Be sure to use the bonfire.

There is one shared kitchen on the lower level.

There is also a restroom across from the kitchen building.

And when I went down the side road of the lower site, there was a stream 🌊

It seems that you can also play a little river here.It's great on hot days! !

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